Sunday, September 8, 2013

What happened with Transit Uranus opposition Sun

Transits of Uranus are amazing, surprising or alarming and shocking, depending on the rest of the chart. Sometimes such a transit mirrors an accident, not necessarily happening to you. Maybe you 'just' see it happen...

On September 4, 2013 transit Uranus was exactly opposition the natal Sun of my husband, at 13:42 MEST. Just  a couple of minutes later, he had an accident with hot water and had second-degree burn spots on his chest. Fortunately there is no reason to fear complications any more, and while he first looked like a modern mummy, he now has only one piece of bandage that covers about 30cm2.

Transit Uranus opposition Sun often accompanies sudden changes. As Uranus was retrograding, there will be one more hit, on March 19 2014,with Uranus direct. Also on January 11, 2014 transit Pluto will be square his Sun. Uranus+Pluto means turbulence,  revolt and forced changes. It is red alert time now. Uranus+Pluto signal stress and nervousness.

No worries, there is not need to be afraid with only one transit Uranus. Of course, there were more transits and progressions at the same time, like always when there is an event that you will remember. There were two more transits:
  • Transit Chiron (sesquisquare Sun/Moon: see the doctor) and 
  • Transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Mars (danger to get hurt)
There were progressions, too:
- Remains of progressed Sun trine Pluto and
- remains of progressed MC square Uranus.
These two progressed aspects were exact only days ago. We are in a hectic period of many changes.

I don't believe in 'fate'. I think that it was, because of the impatient hurry or urge to complete what he was doing. 
Aware of the hectic and stressful aspects,  I had alerted him about hurrying in traffic, but then something else happened. With Uranus it is always 'something unexpected'. Uranus is amazing, surprising and shocking, indeed.

Uranus is for adrenaline. In hectic times, you have more of it and you tend to rush, hurry and make the wrong moves. And if you don't, you need the adrenaline to start running...(but only when there are more indications for this and when there is a situation allowing this to happen).
SO, lesson learned...:
  • TRANSIT URANUS opposition SUN: don't hurry with work (6th) 
  • TRANSIT PLUTO on PROGRESSED MARS: mind the danger to get hurt
  • TRANSIT CHIRON - SUN/MOON: see the doctor

LINKS When transit Uranus hit my Sun, I bumped my head against a wall and later there was a shocking little mouse in house:). Isolated transits of Uranus need not mirror serious harm.

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