Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sarah Ferguson's money issues

On August 23, last year, I reported about the importance of the combination of earning money (=Venus-Pluto) in the chart of Sarah Ferguson and here is the link to that post.
A quote:
The planets of money and values, Venus and Pluto are on her Midheaven and rising before the Sun to express the importance of earning money. She was super rich, she went bankrupt, she came back and now she is down a bit.
Today she in the tabloids because of selling cash-for-access (to her ex-husband Prince Andrew), as a secret tape recording unfolds. See the news here . Before, the Daily Mail wrote about Sarah Ferguson's money problems (See 'Poor Sarah'). The chart is below.

The reason for taking money is that she doesn’t have a penny (she said). See Saturn in the 2nd house, reflecting the lack of cash (in her eyes). It must be hard for someone who is oriented on money and to whom money is above all of importance (oriental Venus-Pluto on Midheaven), to have less than before (Saturn in the second house). But the amounts of money involved are exceptional, still (half a million pound for leading a reporter to the prince…).

The events are mirrored by the following transits and progressions of which Neptune (the planet of scandals, secrets and – some – media) makes the most with the crosspoints AC/MC and Sun/Moon.

Transit Neptune (planet of the media, scandal, secrets, hiding and gossip) sesquisquare AC/MC rx when the tape was produced and now: 1. semi square progressed Sun/Moon and 2. square progressed AC/MC.
That’s 3 times Neptune and 3 is crowd. In the charts of VIP's difficult transits of Neptune often go along with a bad press.

Transit Saturn already has been square her natal Saturn and will return to make another square this July/August and is now 75 degrees from progressed Sun. This means that there is a nasty confrontation with responsibilities and status. As natal Saturn is in the 2nd house, it is about money and what ‘she can do’ (her capabilities).

Progressed Uranus sextile natal Sun for an easy change in life.

Progressed Pholus square natal Mercury: a mental turning point

Varuna is on her natal Descendant and now square her natal Sun. Varuna is important in the charts of a lot of VIP’s. The square refers to the nature of her ‘fame’ right now.

Transit Pluto is square the Northern Node and was/will be semisquare the Ascendant, reflecting the angry community.

She divorced in 1996 with progressed Sun in 27.5 Scorpio and after that she completely changed her life style. She cleared her debts in 1998 (when the Sun moved to Sagittarius). But now her MC progressed to Scorpio (ruled by the important Pluto) semi square the natal Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (for the ups and downs of an influential position).


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Astromarkt said...

And I read that Nina Brink bought the ' friendship' of Sarah Fergusson, who brought her into contact with a.o. Nelson Mandela for a certain amount of money, according to the man who wrote a biography of Brink. That happened a few years ago..