Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong and Sun-Jupiter aspects

Floyd Landis admits the use of doping, and he accuses Lance Armstrong of having used doping, too. Floyd Landis had been found positive after winning the Tour the France and lost his title. I wrote about his ‘ negative positive’ Jupiter before (see the post about Landisl), with positions on his day of birth and links to other examples of Sun-Jupiter aspects in the charts of people accused of using doping (Bertrand, Jones etc.). Or just click the labels below...
(Jupiter is the symbol of positive energy, but when a person is tested for doping and the result is ‘ positive’ , being ‘ positive’ gets a negative meaning.)

Here is the chart of Landis day with the positions on the day of birth of Lance Armstrong. Landis was born October 14, 1975 in Landersville AL. Armstrong was born September 18, 1971. Landis, BTW, has Sun semisesquisquare (67.5d) Jupiter. The Pluto of Landis is exactly square the Mars of Landis, and that seems very appropiate (they are competing).. Also the Neptune of Landis is square the Mercury of Amstrong. Mercury-Neptune combinations often go along with accusations (see the label for more). None of these aspects actually reveal guilt or innocence. They just happen to ' pop-up' in similar cases and should be considered regarding the situation and the characters of the persons involved, as always...


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