Thursday, May 6, 2010

Closing time Election day chart

The polls are open until 10 p.m. Previously I tought it was at 19:00 hours, but that was wrong. So here is the true chart of the UK Elections closing time (Times Online says it is 10 p.m.).

The suns or progressed Suns of the party leaders are all in aspect with the MC of closing time (30th degree of Virgo). The progressed Suns of Liberal Nick Clegg (on the edge of Aquarius and Pisces) and Labour Gordon Brown (in the last degree of Aries) are inconjunct (quincunx) the Virgo MC. The progressed Sun of Conservative David Cameron (in the final degree of Scorpio) is sextile the MC. It is peculiar that all three have the Sun in the final degree of a sign (reflecting a changing life style). Their Progresed Suns are afflicting each others P Sun and that is in line with their positions. Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown should perhaps work together after the elections and their progressed Suns are sextile (Aries and Aquarius), a rather soft combination. The progressed Sun of David Cameron is square Gordon Brown's and inconjunct Nick Clegg's. Squares and inconjunctions are hard aspects.

Inconjunctions often refer to losts, but time will tell if that is right, today. As a result of the exit polls the conservatives are smelling victory already (see Times). Click the label Elections or Politics to see more about the candidates or move to 'Hot items now' (above).


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