Saturday, May 29, 2010

Uranus inconjunct Pholus re: David Laws

Early this morning I studied the chart of someone who lost his child with a) Transit Pholus in 5 inconjunct ruler 8 Uranus and b) Progressed Pholus in the 5th sextile transit Uranus in the 8th. Inconjunctions cause disbalance, often due to a lost. Uranus takes you by surprise and Pholus can cause damage or turn your world upside down.

Uranus inconjunct Pholus can also put a person out of balance because of sudden turning point in life or he/she may suffer a lost (inconjunction) because of damaging (Pholus) news (Uranus). That is like in the case of David Laws. He just lost his job in the government of Cameron (he was Chief Secretary to the Treasury), within 14 days from the start. In his former job he had claimed 40.000 pounds on his secret second house expenses (ment for his secret lover) and that is against the rules (only) since 2006 (was it OK before then to have the taxpayer pay for a lover's nest in the UK, I wonder?).

Liberal Democrat Laws lost his job with progressed Uranus exactly inconjunct progressed Pholus (see the chart). The natal inconjunction has grown tighter and tighter to reach this point of no return. Not only has he lost his job, his hidden homosexuality has now been made public and it is exactly that what he had wished to conceal for whatever reason. Could the aspect also mean that a new episode in life has begun, but in a rather disastrous and shocking way?

I have not found more indications in the chart of the person who lost his child, in spite of having an HOB, so maybe this double Uranus-Pholus and the inconjunction related to the 8th house was just about enough reflection.
Also, I couldn't find much more in the chart of the day of birth of David Laws (who had a single Uranus-Pluto combination today in I don't know what houses).
That makes me think that the Uranus-Pholus inconjunction is a very strong reflection of a dramatic change. At least, that is what I saw in these two chart. I will be back later with more material.

BTW I found that the name of Pholus is related to moths (night butterflies) and I found a reference to ' Fly' by Celine Dion in an essay about this site " Winged planets" , also about the effect of Pholus in natal charts.

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