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Dream weddings in astrology

Cinderella married a prince. It is a fairy tale. Few women (unless princesses themselves) get married to a royal or noble person or wed a millionaire. And even fewer men!
But if they did, they wouldn’t have to cook, wash, do vipers and make coffee and (for the men) they would always get a proper job just because they know the right persons. What a life of luxury! So if a woman does benefit from getting married in an extreme way, we would expect to see a whole lot of money and luxury related marriage in her chart, wouldn’t we?
There is another important indication for a miraculous wedding: Jupiter and Neptune are the combination of beliefs and devoted audiences and …great dreams.So I think that Venus with Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of the fairytale marriage (very – Jupiter- romantic – Venus+Neptune, but with a great chance – Jupiter- for disappointments in love – Venus+Neptune, as well). Maxima, Diana and Gracia have this ‘ theme’ in their charts.
Here are some examples of marriages between ‘ royal blood’ and ‘common people’.

1. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands married a rich boy who will be king one day. Her Venus is in hard aspect with Jupiter/Pluto. In the days around her wedding day the progressed Descendant was conjunct Juno, the symbol of the married woman. With Venus trine her Ascendant it is no surprise that she is the most popular one of the Dutch royal family. She has (Mercury and) Venus in a (wider) inconjunct with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. And that is a combination for a fairytale.

2. Princess Diana married Prince Charles on July 19, 1981. In her chart Jupiter(ruler 1) is inconjunct the elevated Pluto in a ‘ Cinderella or ‘ harem’ degree’*), reflecting the extraordinary price to pay for success. The progressed Midheaven was square Pholus to illustrate the ‘ turning point’ on her wedding day, with Midheaven sextile Mars and 75 degrees from the Sun in her 7th house of marriage. Quaoar trine the Descendant might mirror the new reality that started when she married her prince. I quote Astromarkt:
Three of the midpoint combinations are on Zero Aries! (Venus/Jupiter, Venus/Neptune, Jupiter/Neptune, variying on the theme of Venus/Jupiter/Neptune that I found in the charts of those doing a fortunate marriage).

And of course: for a 'dream' wedding!:)

3. Princess Victoria of Sweden (July 14, 1977 at 9:45, source is about to marry a ‘ common’ young man next month, named Daniel Westling (born September 15, 1973). He has Jupiter trine Pluto and square Venus and maybe that is just one of the reflections of successful marriage and a lot of money. He has Saturn rising before his Sun. For their match, see Astrology & Love…

Three different stories that I like to complete with Grace Kelly’s Juno trine Midheaven (a position related to marriage) and Venus, Jupiter and Pluto (sesquisemisquare) in aspect with Quaoar (a complete new world through a successful marriage). There is also Venus sesquisquare Jupiter and sextile Neptune.

But where is ‘ royalty’ in their charts? With these aspects and transits they could have married a successful CEO as well. The amount of indications for social growth and success together with indications for the successful marriage give an indication of the level of growth. And of course, you have to be in the position to meet royalty or the rich…What is success anyway? Maybe for most of us a successful marriage is a lasting marriage:).

Here is the chart of Maxima and the transits and progressions of her wedding day:

*) See Astromarkt about the chart of Diana: (link)


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