Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Barack Obama and the bad press

This is the picture of the chart, transits and progressions of President Barack Obama now that there is an oil spill disaster and now that the National Enquirer accuses him of cheating his wife. [BTW: I have already had a look at the match between Barack and Michelle Obama (on Astrology&Love...(link))].
Hard times again, indeed, and the chart is perfectly reflecting that. Here is a list of what Obama is dealing with right now:
- Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Venus: unbalance about ‘another woman’ happens to be one of the possible ways to read this combination and in fact: there is news (Uranus) about his lovelife (Venus) and it is outrageous (inconjunct)
- Transit Uranus opposition progressed Sun for upheaval and being part of a controversy caused by others; as Uranus is ruler 1 and Sun is ruler 7, this opposition has an effect on relationships
- Transit Saturn will return to a conjunction with progressed Sun before Summer: Saturn is always hard…
- Transit Neptune semi square progressed Midheaven often signals a bad press; frustrating weakening of position
- Transit Neptune: almost inconjunct his progressed Sun: gossip creating unbalance and lost. There is a post about Sun inconjunct Neptune where I mention 'the fallen angle' (and the bad press that Susan Boyle had all of the sudden).
- Progressed Sun will change sign in 3 months time: in the middle of a period of major changes in life
- Progressed Mercury square natal Saturn and sextile natal Uranus (restricted freedom of communications)
- Progressed Mercury is exactly inconjunct Vesta (could be read as: unbalancing talks about ‘home’)
Help is on the way as Jupiter is in Pisces, on his way to an opposition with progressed Sun and …the first aspect of the progressed Sun in the new sign (Libra) will be a trine with Jupiter, unless I take into account that there will also be an opposition with the symbol of marriage (Juno). There is an earlier harmonious aspect, too: progressed Moon trine Neptune. I hope that it means that he is in the mood for (domestic) romance.

Charts of leaders often have a great impact on the nations that they are leading. If that is true this time, the hard times will be followed by better days within months.

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