Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nicolaus Copernicus reburial

Nicolaus Copernicus, the man who dared to say that the earth is turning around the sun (against the doctrines of the Church of that time) is news now (see CBS).... His remains have been moved to a cathedral and the Church apologized. What transits and progressions accompany this event? The chart is below, here is a list of transits that together produces the idea of an important and sensitive change of status (and status quo).


- Transit Pholus is exactly conjunct the progressed midpoint AC/MC, mirroring a crucial turning point. Remember that the cross point of Ascendant and Midheaven represents the exact location of birth in a natal chart or more precisely: YOU at a certain spot on earth. The progressed AC/MC is reflecting further developments regarding your special place on earth. Pholus is the symbol of turning points. When Pholus is on AC/MC you might expect a turning point regarding your whereabouts.

- Transit Neptune is quindecile progressed Venus (and progressed Venus is 105 degrees from natal Midheaven. This looks like a matter of estetics and arts and ...sentimental and romantic atmospheres.

- Transit Uranus is exactly trine progressed Ceres. I am not sure how to read this. New home? News about genetic material?

- Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct natal Saturn.
That is a very strange kind of aspect on a day when his name and reputation has been cleared. A cleric said sorry for the comdemnations of Copernicus'theories by the Church.
For a man in his conditions (MC), or should I say for his remains, this 'goodbye' (Saturn) is perhaps rather disproportional (inconjunction), even considering the historical fact that the church did him wrong and certainly too (inconjunction) late(Saturn).

- The progressed Midheaven of Nicolaus Copernicus is conjunct natal Neptune and inconjunct natal Saturn and that could be read as 'suffering because of a developping condition'. Also transit Neptune is square natal MC, reflecting discontentment or confusion and being isolated. However, we can't read this chart like if Copernicus was still alive. Considering the fact that his NAME and REPUTATION (MC) is involved and not his condition (he is dead) perhaps these Neptunic aspects should be considered as mystification and getting some kind of heroic and 'holy' status.

Charts can't be read without some knowledge about a person's situation (economical, social and fysical). Charts can be read after death, but in that case the transits and progressions correspond with ideas about the person involved (and not, of course, with the person's well being - if you don't believe in such an active 'life after death').

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