Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Pisces:
double bodied fun!

Next week Venus in Gemini will be square Jupiter in Pisces.

Pisces and Gemini are so called ' double bodied signs' . Venus is pleasure and Jupiter is happiness and ' more' .
Next week's Venus and Jupiter will also be opposition and square my natal Venus in Sagittarius and I am going to spend time off in Bavaria (sauerkraut, bratwurst, kuchen, Schwarzwalder Kirschen Torte, maybe not the perfect place to be in the middle of a 1500 cal. diet...)
Question: Will I be ' double bodied' when I'll be back?!

Cafe Astrology says that transit Jupiter square Venus it is the perfect time for self indulgence (and for a desire to skip duties ( see this link to read more...), In other words:it is time for having lots of fun without working. There is a name for that: HOLIDAYS!. Isn't that perfect timing? Jupiter is also the planet of the international (the traveller) and Venus is nice, so I guess that I will enjoy it!

But how is it to have Venus-Jupiter in the natal chart? Two examples (and see the label!):

Imagine: Sean Connery has Venus square Jupiter (tightly) in his birth chart. Does that help to make life more fun, I wonder? Off topic: there was an investigation recently about white washing or fraude involving the sale of his house in Marbella (Soain). BTW: He is one of the ' James Bond's' of the article on Astromarkt, that you see here...
But back to Bavaria; it is the place of victory for Bayern Munchen's coach Louis van Gaal, who posed (and danced) in Lederhosen just a few days ago. Here is his chart with transits and progressions and without h.o.b. Notice that Venus/Jupiter is semi square the Sun and see how funny that can be in leather shorts! I'll report back about the level of pleasure with Jupiter transit square my Venus!

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