Friday, May 21, 2010

Lance Armstrong fell: Mars-Saturn again

Yesterday, when Floyd Landis accused him of using doping, Lance Armstrong fell and injured his face. He fell riding the Tour of California. He will be able to do the Tour the France, officials said. Last year (see the post about it) Armstrong fell and broke some bones with transit Mars square Saturn. Transit Saturn happened to be sesquisquare his natal Mars this time.
So the Mars-Saturn combination reflected injury and falling, again. It is the combination of falling (Saturn) and getting hurt (Mars).
Also transit Pholus is 75 degrees from transit Uranus and natal Pluto (T Uranus is opposition Pluto rx). That might be reflecting a sudden dramatic turning point or a surprising turn (maybe involved in this incident).

There is more about Armstrong on this blog, that you can see when you use ‘ Search this blog’ (on the left). One of the post about him is about the ‘ battle’ with Contador: here is the link.

This is his chart (no hour of birth), with transits and progressions, showing the transit of Saturn.


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