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Bryant Neals Vinas' chart with potential risk

This is the chart of the day of birth of Bryant Neal Vinas, alias Ibrahim; Bashir al-Ameriki and Ben Yameen al-Kanadeeis with transits and progressions for the day when he left the USA for Pakistan, in order to join a jihadist group where he planned to bomb a NY station. Bryant Neal Vinas converted to islam in 2004 (age 21), radicalized with the 'help' of the internet and left the USA in 2007. He was captured in 2008 and pleaded guilty in 2009. He might have to spend the rest of his life in jail. I wondered what would be (part of) the indications for possible radicalization and for converting in the natal/progressed chart. There is no hour of birth available. What I found in this chart is that the tightest aspects form the combination of Sun,Mars, Saturn and Uranus. It is a mixture that risks acts of rebellion and restricted freedom as a result of it in certain circumstances and social condications.

Usually I find Uranus in the ninth house of converted people (but without hour of birth it is unknown for Vinas).
People born on December 4, 1983 tend to want to be exceptional,different, to rebel and to change the world (Sun conjunct the oriental*) Uranus). The conjunction is getting stronger and tighter in progression, enabling him to estrange from his family.

This important Uranus is exactly sextile the planet of action and war (Mars): this urges to make changes, now! See the label Mars-Uranus or read the article on Astromarkt and you will notice that Mars-Uranus is always there where the action is and that terrorism or freedom fighting is asscociated with this aspect or midpoint. All the terrorists that I studied have a tight Mars/Uranus, the combination of the short fuse. So has Bryant Neal Vinas.

The symbol of restricted freedom (from protocol to jail) and efforts to break free is the combination Saturn-Uranus. On the day of birth of Bryant Neal Vinas Saturn was semi sextile Uranus. Saturn is in the middle of Mars and Uranus and that tells us that violence is an issue, somehow.

When he moved to Asia, transit Jupiter was conjunct his Sun. Jupiter is the symbol of traveling, successes and the international. Jupiter is also the symbol of conviction. I have seen the Jupiter-Sun connection in the chart of a man who became a priest, too and it was even present in the chart of a terrorist on the day that he blew himself up. It is indicating a moment that the chart's holder considers a happy moment to start a voyage (to whatever). Often with Sun-Jupiter you meet a 'wise person' (a doctor, a priest, a teacher, someone who travelled a lot). The Jupiter transit of Vinas had all the ingredients of Jupiter (a long trip, becoming an international, meeting teachers, living according to your conviction).

Pholus, the symbol of the turning point (or point of no return) hit the most important combination of Sun,Mars and Uranus from 2008 to 2009.
In November 2008 he had transit Pholus conjunct Uranus. Uranus is his most important planet. The transit meant a turning point regarding freedom and independence.
During his arrest and when he admitted his crime in January 2009, transit Pholus was conjunct his natal Sun.
Pholus was sextile his natal Mars and semi square his progressed Mars, indicating a turning point in a battle.

When converted persons move to Pakistan there is a potential risk that they want to join radicals. The risk is even higher when a Mars-Uranus combination is of importance in the natal chart. Click for another examples (Jihad Jane, Colleen LaRose.

*) I found an interesting site about the planets of orientation here… and added to link to the recommended sites (see above). For more examples of the oriental planet: see the label under this post.


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