Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gary Coleman and the Pholus-Uranus transit

The Uranus-Pholus combination that I mentioned in the post about David Laws and his lost job (and a father losing his child) can be seen in the chart of Bryant Neals Vinas and shows up in the transits of GARY COLEMAN’s death:
transit Pholus 13.75 d Sagittarius is 75 degrees (minor aspect) from Uranus (28.65 d Virgo) and 75 degrees from transit Neptune, while transit Neptune is inconjunct Uranus. It is a Uranus-Neptune-Pholus combination.

Uranus and Pholus together mirror a sudden turning point. Neptune and Uranus are the symbols of sleep and awakening and an inconjunction between them shows problems or fluctuations in the processes (being in trance, coma or unconscious). That was one of the symptoms on the final day of Coleman.

Minor aspects sometimes have major impact. More examples of minor aspects, Uranus-Neptune or Pholus? Click the labels.

PS Astrological symbols have many associated meanings. When Uranus-Neptune is not fysical, the transits and/or progressions often reflect a ' bad press'.


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