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Chart and life of Evita Peron

One of the most interesting lives of women is the life of Evita Peron. Her natal chart for May 7, 1919 at 5h15 LMT Los Toldos is perfect for this woman with sense of drama, glamour and persistence. She was an idol and her life revolved around politics, sex, power and influence. Like in the case of Princess Diana her death and funeral became a public drama. What in het chart shows this? And how do the progressions (and transits) correspond with her life?

The most remarkable things in her chart (considering what we know about Evita Perron) are:
1. Neptune is ‘ calling’ and angular (close to the IC). This makes us think of romance, an idol, mystery, scandal, charity and art…all this at any possible level. We know that Evita Peron wAs an idol. But there is another side on Neptune on IC and that is for a negative background.
2. Fixed signs are important in her chart. 50% of the positions are in fixed signs, reflecting will power.
3. Leo Moon for the need to show off and for the drama queen. The Moon conjunct Saturn is reflecting the way she remembered her childhood (cold and hard).
4. Sun/Moon semi square Pluto shows us that she was motivated by power and influence.
5. Sun square Saturn (wide aspect, but the Sun and Saturn are both in aspect with the Moon).
Her father never acknowledge his daughter and died when she was only 7 (and the square had grown tighter in progression). Like a lot of other persons with Sun-Saturn she managed to be in charge... (click for more examples).
6. Mars semi square Aries Point en conjunct Sun reveals an assertive woman, the importance of men (and soldiers) and her enterprise. She would marry an important man and the army would block her attempt to become the vice-president.
7. Venus (final dispositor of Midheaven) is biquintile Midheaven for a creative way to improve her status (with the help of beauty, talent and charm)
8. Pholus sesquisquare Ascendant might reflect how her situation changed. The midpoint AC/MC is square Pholus in this B-rated chart (source Astrodatabank) and seems to be correct because she definitely altered her state of being (from poor peasant girl to First Lady). Pholus is in her 8th house of life and death, revealing the importance of her death for who she would be in the end (she became ‘ immortal’).

When she was born she didn't exactly have the kind of chart that promissed a glorious life. The tightest angular placement is for Vesta on IC: she was dedicated to her goals!

9. She left her home town for Buenos Aires at age 15(!). That was a right decision at the perfect time. The progressions of that year are: P Sun trine MC, P MC square Sun, P Moon trine Venus, sesquisquare Jupiter and trine Pluto – successful combination for an artist – and P Venus conjunct Jupiter. It is an abundancy of nice and shiny aspects, completed by transit Pholus trine progressed Ascendant (the small start of a new presentation). Also, her progressed Sun had changed sign and that is an indication for a change in lifestyle. The first aspect in the new sign was a quintile with progressed Juno. The next period of 30 years of her life started with the symbol of the married woman in a creative aspect with her sun. In the progressed chart Mercury (ruler of the progressed 5th house of entertainment, the other gender, and show) was on the Ascendant. There was one little nasty thing: P Moon opposition P Saturn, reflecting hard or bad feelings, feeling alone.

10. When she met Juan Peron she had P MC trine Venus (ruler of the seventh house), an appropiate aspect for finding a partner. Shortly after meeting him, the progressed Moon was conjunct Jupiter and that is a fortunate aspect. Her progressed Sun was opposition Pholus, reflecting a turning point in life achieved by others, when Juan Peron was elected President and she became First Lady.

11. Her Pluto was inconjunct the Northern Node and afflicting her Moon. As soon as she could she took revenge on the middle class people who looked down on her when she was younger and less important. She abused her position of power to get this revenge.

12. There were only 6 years of glory. In November of 1951 (with progressed Mars quintile Saturn) she was told that she had advanced cervical cancer. She was creative enough (quintile) to use iron (Mars) constructions (Saturn) to keep herself up right until the end.

13. She passed away on July 26 1952 at 20h23. There are several indications in the solar return chart. I won't name all of them (who would like to know?). 1. Pholus crossed over the Midheaven and Pholus is in the natal 8th house of life and death + pointing at a turning point in her condition. Since she was already seriously ill, this was a bad sign. 2. Also P MC was sextile Orcus (the symbol of the underworld). 3. Transit Saturn sesquisquare Progressed Ascendant and afflicting progressed Sun/Moon. 4. Transit Jupiter -ruler of the progressed 8th house- is semi square natal Sun/Moon.

Evita had several indications for a possible divorce and I wonder if she would have divorce Juan Peron if she had not died so young. Her Sun is conjunct Mars and 75 d Uranus with Mars in a wider square with Saturn. Those are 3 of the 4 possible indications. Juan Peron (born October 8, 1895) also had Sun conjunct Mars. As soon as the common enemy would be beaten they would start competing. Their Suns are inconjunct and her Mars is inconjunct his. His Chiron is inconjunct her natal Sun. Three inconjunctions bind them. It is a sort of a statement of ‘ lost’ and loosing each other. Nevertheless the popularity of Evita Peron was important for her husband. In his chart Venus is on top, inconjunct Neptune. The planets who are most prominent in the chart of Evita are angular in his chart. Perhaps they shared the same romantic ideal and what is more romantic than a sad love story? Here you see her chart. The positions of the transits are for the day of birth of Juan Peron.

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PPS The 28th degree of Aries: ' Large disappointed audience' says this site about sabian symbols...It is the Ascendant degree of Evita Peron, if this is indeed the correct HOB.
PPS PS See this about Evita Peron:


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