Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray is the last (doctor) who saw Michael Jackson alive. He is perhaps in big trouble. He might have been responsible or might be held or feel responsible for the death of MJ. There is a big question mark about his guilt or responsibility in this now that the potential lethal Propofol was found in the second authopsy, as well as traces of injections.

In 'Astrological' question marks are oppositions; guilt or responsibility is symbolised by Saturn (Roman God of time). Medications (and drugs) are related to Neptune.
Now watch how Saturn is involved in this. Dr. Murray has a difficult progression with Saturn. His progressed Sun and the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson reached the point of the doctor's Saturn in this year. Is that coincidence? Or does it mean that there was a starring role for Michael Jackson in the bad times for Dr. Murray? And there is more about Saturn...
On Murray's day of birth the Sun did not make major aspects in sign. That makes the Sun very important. It draws attention, too.
Saturn was rising before his Sun. That is reflecting a serious man, a person with ambitions. Saturn is prominent in his chart.

When he became MJ's doctor in 2006, the progressed Sun of Murray was opposition progressed Neptune and later the progressed Sun was opposition progressed Saturn.

In the progressed chart of Murray Saturn is conjunct Neptune in 2009.

On the moment of MJ's pronounced death the Ascendant was conjunct Murray's natal Neptune. The Midheaven of that tragic moment was at 26d Cancer; square the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune in the natal chart of Dr. Murray. Every day there are moments when the actual Midheaven is in hard aspect your Saturn/Neptune midpoint. In the given situation and circumstance Midheaven square Saturn/Neptune was a very tragic deceptional aspect mirroring how Dr. Murray must have felt when he heard the news.

In this year, the progressed Sun of Murray is opposition natal Saturn, highlighting his bad sides and the disadvantages of life in general. It is a depressing aspect.

His natal Saturn is conjunct the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson and his progressed Sun is opposition MJ"s Sun. (In other words: the progressed opposition of Sun and Saturn in the chart of the doctor is related to the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson. This relates his depression and bad times to the vitality (or not) of MJ. Perhaps he is and maybe he feels responsible for the death of MJ.)

Murray and Michael Jackson apparently met at the wrong moment and Murray made a bad decision in 2006. Saturn and Neptune don't promise a rose garden. They often reflect hard and difficult times.

Conrad Murray's day of birth is February 19, 1953 (in Grenada). That is the same day of birth as Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Presidente of Argentina, who faces hard times because of the crisis and other hard circumstances and just lost the majority in parliament today!

Individuals are created by the mix of circumstances, conditions, gender and genes and...the people that they meet...An hour of birth would give insight in the crucial positions of the chart, but still...Astrology is no tool for a judge. Astrology is an instrument for considerations only.

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