Friday, July 3, 2009

Meeting of Obama and Putin on July 6, 2009

Next week, on July 6, President Obama of the USA will meet PM Putin of Russia in Moscow. Both leaders have the Moon in Gemini and their Moons are very close. Usually that means that they are 'soul mates' or friends. Let us hope that that is true and that their meeting will be in a good atmosphere. Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama are good diplomats. Their Venus doesn't make major aspects and that is telling us that they are charming (if they want to:) at any possible level.

Today I read that Barack Obama had said that Putin is still having one foot in the past and that Putin answered that he is not. As it happens (...) both have an aspect between Saturn and Uranus in the natal chart. Limited liberty, independence with restrictions, old and new, hanging on to the past...all that is part of the concept of Saturn-Uranus. It is a concept that they share. Click the label for more about Saturn and Uranus, the limits and barriers of freedom and independence.

Mr. Putin has transit Uranus square Mars (so maybe he needs to take some tranquilizers to remain calm - Progressed Midheaven conjunct Neptune:).
Barack Obama has transit Mars square natal Uranus and will perhaps not be as diplomatic as usual, too. As he also has Venus conjunct Uranus in the progressed chart, perhaps he will meet nice new friends or he just loves the adventure of being in the former USSR.

Mars-Uranus is the combination of impulses. Let us see if they are top politicians enough to manage their impulses. And let's hope that the conjunction of their natal Moons means that they feel comfortable with each other. Mars-Uranus CAN be used for teamwork. ... We will know the results after the 6th! In the meantime for tomorrow I wish the American readers:

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