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Queen is going on tour. In October they will be in The Netherlands and they end the tour in Wembley Stadium in London. They made a new album, dedicated to the king of Queen, Freddie Mercury. The singer of the band and the man who moved the millions, was born September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar. I noted a 5:10 BGT birth time (source Astrothè And I very much doubt that this birth time is 'the one'. Mercury and the Sun on either side of the Ascendant, that is what I would have expected for a 'Queen' and a 'Mercury'. So I was glad that I found a 6:25 A.M. on That places the Sun on the Ascendant. Mercury remains prominent (oriental, calling) and is ruler 10. Yes, maybe THAT is his chart.

However...I read the 5:10 chart and I found a Yod of Venus, Jupiter, Moon and Midheaven! And more*).

The chart shows a socialite (very communicative and busy), drawing attention with the way he behaves, maybe even because of his modesty. He is unique and controversial (Uranus is on top of it all and opposition Moon for the desire to be different from the rest of the family and social environment).
The Moon sextile Venus and Jupiter could be interpreted as being very (Jupiter) loved (Venus) by the people (Moon).

Freddie Mercury was an artist. There are 5 hard clues for this vocation.
1. Venus, end dispositor of the MC
2. Taurus MC, Venus in Libra, Venus and Jupiter inconjunct MC (YOD)
3. Yod of Moon, Venus and Jupiter with MC
The finger of successful (Jupiter) artistic feelings (Moon-Venus) points at the Midheaven (the stage).
4. Closest aspect: Moon sextile Venus = sense of beauty and esthetics
5. Neptune calling, Mercury too
Arts (Neptune) and communications (Mercury) called him to use his voice as an expressive tool.

Several midpoint combinations show that he was able to succeed and I won't mention them all:
*Sun semi square Venus/Jupiter: Success in love and/or art
*Moon square Jupiter/Ascendant: A lot of popularity
*Moon square Jupiter/MC: being confident and full of trust
* Jupiter sesqui square Node/MC: liking merry and sharing the successes with others
*Pluto semi square Venus/Ascendant: strong attraction
*Pluto semi square Jupiter/Ascendant: recognition, good influences, successful presentations
(Venus/Jupiter/Pluto/Ascendant in combination: meeting a lot of admiration)
* Ascendant square Moon/Venus (nice personality) en square Moon/Jupiter (being happy), semi square Pluto/Node (influencing the crowds and the masses);
(The combination says: very successful - Pluto and Jupiter - artistic - Moon-Venus - group - Node - presentation - Ascendant)

There are more than one clue for sickness and death as an important issue in his life.

a. The sabian symbol of his Ascendant (22nd degree Leo) shows us an ill man in a cabin with a bird singin on the roof (Koppejan books).
BTW This reminds me of someone who always said that a 22nd degree is a fatal degree. In this particular case it was, but only in the end. Before he got ill, Freddy Mercury was a star and he will always be one of the best pop artists in the world.

b. Midpoint combinations:
Sun conjunct Mars/Saturn (having to deal with lack of energy and illnesses, according to Ebertin);
Moon sesquisquare Uranus/Neptune (dealing with death);
Mars conjunct Venus/Neptune (infection by sexual action);
Saturn semi square Venus/Pluto (immorality, according to Ebertin; I think it means having to deny yourself love - a die hard in love);
Saturn conjunct Neptune/MC (serious illnesses come your way - maybe in your professional life)
Saturn semi square Neptune/Ascendant (environment that makes you sick)
Neptune semi square Sun/Saturnus (chronic disease)

c. For keeping his HIV a secret I find Saturn ruler 6 in 12.

He died with the following transits:

- Transit Jupiter conjunct Sun (and progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter in August of that year). I think it means a contact with a doctor or a priest.
- Transit Pluto square Ascendant (ruler 4 in 12): to force something
- Transit Mercury trine Ascendant in the days before he died, for getting in touch and having visitors.
- Transit Saturn ruler 6 inconjunct the prominent Mercury (saying goodbye)
This aspect is exact on the final day.
- Transit Uranus trine Sun (liberation)
- Transit Uranus square progressed Ascendant: shocking change
- Transit Mars in the 27th degree of Scorpio semi square progressed Ascendant in de 12th degree of Libra
(Mars and Uranus together point at an injury or at a shock)
- Transit Sun square progressed Moon (emotions)
In the solar return chart Uranus was on the Descendant

BTW I wonder why Freddie Mercury had this artist name. Maybe he knew that Mercury was prominent in his chart and rules his Sun? Or it was (striking) coincidence.

*) What is important in his chart:
A. 50% of the positions in air signs, Sun Virgo, Moon Sagittarius opposition the Uranus on top.
B. A Yod of Venus and Jupiter with Moon and Midheaven, making a sextile.
C. 6 out of 10 placements in the chart are important and prominent.
1. Mercury oriental and calling
2. Uranus on top
3. Angular Sun
4. Calling Neptune
5. Calling Saturn
6. Moon square Aries Point

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