Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today the people of New Orleans have to be evacuated for the second time, this time for Gustav, a hurricane even more destructive than Katrina already was.And that was only 3 years ago. Late Monday or Tuesday they expect the 'mother of all storms' to make landfall. And later on Tuesday (about 2 p.m.) Gustav will reach city of NO.

The chart of the moment of the planned evacuation is here below.

Notice Ascendant and MC in the 26th degree of Movable Signs (Virgo and Gemini) with Uranus in the 22nd of Pisces and Pluto in the 29th of Sagittarius. It reads like ASC/MC = Uranus/Pluto...a stressful moment of complete move and change is starting.


The chart of Katrina has Pluto in the 22nd of Sagittarius. The chart of Gustav has Uranus in the 22nd of Pisces. It seems that the 22nd degree of movable signs is important in the chart of NO, the USA or for storms.

I took a look in the Koppejan book of images and degrees (based upon the visions of Janduz) and I found 3 times a oourtisane or other sort of a Delilah and 1 time the picture of men fighting. That one was the 22nd of Sagittarius, the degree were Pluto was at the time of Katrina. Now Uranus is square that point in heaven. We might say that Uranus is reviving Katrina.

Still, 22nd of Sagittarius is a much more violent picture than 22nd of Pisces is, though both of the degrees are connected to fixed stars symbolizing haste and wasting energy. I hope for the residents of NO that they won't see there recently redecorated houses being devastated again. And that Uranus force in 22nd of Pisces won't be able to beat the strength of Pluto in 22nd of Sagittarius.

No matter what the storm in NO will do, the transitting square of Uranus and Pluto cannot be whiped out just like that. This aspects has a sudden transformative impact. More about that in another post.

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