Saturday, May 9, 2009

Transits and progressions of Aung San Suu Kyi (and Karadzic)

Aung San Suu Kyi (The Lady of Myanmar) is in the news on CNN after the arrest of an American tourist who swam to her house, where she lives isolated in house arrest (already 13 of the last 18 years). See CNN...
Dutch newspapers report that her physical condition demanded the visit of a doctor. She has low blood pressure.

Notice that her progressed Sun is in the final two degrees of Leo. This is reflecting a period of transformation. Within 2 years her progressed Sun will have changed sign and a new kind of life might start. The amount of transits in 2009/2010 however tells us that there will be several developments before that.

HEALTH (Saturn and Neptune)
Unfortunately the first transit Saturn will be square her natal Sun (in October 2009 and April 2010). Usually, in her kind of circumstances, this will not improve health. In March/April 2010 Neptune will trine her natal Sun. The combination of Saturn and Neptune indicates health issues.

RESTRICTIONS (Saturn and Uranus) AND IMPROVEMENT (Jupiter)
Also in April 2010 Uranus will be opposition her natal Sun. That means that in April 2010 the issue of restricted liberty might be 'hot'. Also ther is the square of Jupiter in May 2010. AS Jupiter is the final transitting planet ver her Sun, that might mean that her conditions and situation might improve after April 2010. Let us hope that the Myanmar government will allow medication and a docter before that.

KARADZIC (same day of birth)
Karadzic, born on the same day, has the same kind of transits and progressions. Of course there is a difference in time and place of birth, but the tendencies are similar. Karadzic is on trial right now, in The Hague. He arrived there on Juyl 30, 2008. He was arrested July, 21 2008 after the year of the transit of Pluto opposition his natal Sun. In that year the officials intensified the search for him. Thirteen years before he started to live as an alternative healer, wearing a long white beard as a disguise. The same day of birth, the same issue of restricted freedom, another cause...

Personal situations, conditions, genes, gender, politics...they should all be taken into account when you try to get a picture of the situation in April 2010. I wonder about the effect of the same sort of transits and progressions in the charts of these two politicians, both in a situation of restricted freedom.

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