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Susan Boyle's astrology chart for April 1: remarkable...

I just heard the voice of Susan Boyle, for the first time, on tele. And I got cold. What a voice!:) Now that April 1, 1961 at 9h50 in Bathgate seem to be THE data for her birth chart, I considered to give it a try with this chart. Her Astro I.D. also shows the posibility of success. The artistic talent is strongly visible in the chart and so are the unmarried woman and the limitations.
She could never have become famous if she had not had Mars in aspect with Sun/Moon (for enterprise) and Pluto in aspect with ASC/MC for courage. And if there had not been Idols...

Remarkable: her Venus is in the middle of Moon and Neptune, making quindeciles with both. The combination of the planets of the arts is being repeated three times in the 22.5 degree midpoint range (f.ex. Venus opposition Moon/Neptune, a 'midpoint yod', see the drawing of the chart). There is, in other words, a very strong focus on artistic talents, indicated by the two quindeciles, the midpoint yod and the 3 times repeated midpoint combination!

The astrological pattern for artistic talent usually consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Midheaven and in the signs that belong to Moon, Venus and Neptune (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces). It is all there:

1. Moon in Libra for sense of arts and style (!)
2. Venus quindecile (165d) Neptune for a strong focus on arts
3. Moon quindecile Venus (for a strong focus on the need for what is beautiful)
4. Neptune square Midheaven (a career related to arts or the 'amorphous' movies, religion and the sound of music)
5. Moon trine Midheaven (for keeping memories alive)
6. Venus quintile Midheaven (for a creative style or entertainment in the professional field)
7. Venus 157.5 Jupiter/Pluto for success in entertainment
8. Moon (Placidus) or Neptune (equal) in the 5th house of games, play and entertainment

It is also easy to see the limitations and barriers:
1. Saturn (from the 8th house) inconjunct Ascendant; Saturn is the symbol of time and being late (though not too late). Saturn is very strong in Capricorn.
2. Sun inconjunct Neptune symbolizes a disproportionate isolation or sensibility.

Inconjunctions refer to disabilities at birth (physical or mental).

3. Sun, Moon and Mars are in hard aspect (in the 22.5 d range) with Saturn/Neptune, the combination of illnesses.

Susan Boyle never married. There are certain indications in a woman's chart for not getting married or for a divorce/separation. In her chart you see Sun square Mars and Mars quindecile Saturn, two of the four indications (the other 2 are Venus-Uranus and Sun-Uranus).

Her Astro I.D. is marked by Mercury and Jupiter. Notice that Mercury (communications, the voice) is elevated in order to show us that speaking, singing or 'being a messenger' is important, above all. And watch the position of Jupiter, unaspected, the first outer planet rising before the Sun! That tells us that she is first of all a positive person at any possible level. The combination of Mercury-Jupiter and their prominence means: successful communications. As Mercury is in Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius we get the sensitive and artistic sign together with the sign of rhythm and aspirations. The Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter of this year gave light to the most prominent qualities of her chart.

A. Saturn
Saturn is inconjunct her Ascendant. That means that her presentation (ASC) is a disadvantage (Saturn) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction). Luckily her Gemini Ascendant kept her young at heart. But nevertheless, she was stopped several times. When she was a teenager, the progressed Sun was square Saturn. She left school with few qualifications. She managed to become a cook and to enjoy singing in church. There is a quintile between Sun and Saturn in her chart for a creative way to be respected. This year progressed Sun is trine Saturn, activating this natal aspect. Susan Boyle IS respected today.

B. Neptune
When her father died someone had to take care of her mother and as she still lived with her parents, Susan was the one. She had to sacrifice herself. That was with progressed Sun opposition Neptune. This aspect activated the existing aspect in her birth chart (Sun inconjunct Neptune) that indicates a tendency to isolation, sacrifice and giving up.
She is an idol now, and that is the other side of the Neptune coin…

C. Mercury and Jupiter.
Earlier this year Susan Boyle had Solar Arc Venus trine Moon (happy time) and Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter (success in communications). As I mentioned above: the Solar Arc Mercury square Jupiter of this year gave light to the most prominent qualities of her chart.

D. Transformation time
When the progressed (or Solar Arc) Sun is in the final 2,5 – 3 degrees of a sign, life starts changing. This period doesn’t end until the progressed Sun reached the 3rd degree of the next sign. Transformation time for Susan Boyle has begun. Her progressed Sun is in the final degrees of Taurus.

PS Sun/Mercury (a starry voice?) is conjunct Zero Aries, symbol of the public idea about a person.


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