Saturday, April 4, 2009

Astrology chart Anders Fogh Rasmussen

On, a Danish astrology site, I found the chart of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the man who is likely to be the next NATO secretary-general. Only mr. Erdogan is or was (?) against it (and that is because Rasmussen defended the right of freedom of speech in the cartoon riots).
Mr. Rasmussen has Transit Jupiter square progressed Jupiter and transit Venus conjunct progressed Sun however. Venus and Jupiter are the astrological signs for a nice moment (if not a party). So perhaps mr. Rasmussen will be installed soon. Who is he (according to the chart)?

The drawing shows:

Jupiter on the Descendant
Pluto near Midheaven (elevated)
Saturn the first outer planet rising before the Sun
Mercury 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees)

And that is the profile of a successful international (Jupiter) politician (Mercury-Saturn-Pluto). Politicians very often have a Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination highlighted in their charts and most of them have a midpoint combination of Mercury-Saturn-Pluto. So has Rasmussen (Pluto 112.5 Mercury/Saturn) with Mercury square Saturn (out of sign).

BTW for the Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination in the charts of American presidents, see my site Astromarkt.

Barack Obama has Saturn 157.5 Mercury/Pluto...See the posts about his chart...

The 112.5 and 157.5 degree aspects are aspects in the 22.5 range:
(22.5 45 67.5 90 112.5 135 157.5 180)


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