Saturday, April 4, 2009

NATO 60 years ago

Sixty years ago the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO, in French OTAN) was born. The astrological positions of that day are reflecting the nature of the organisation:

- Mars is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. Mars is the planet of the military.
- Sun in Aries, ruled by Mars with Moon in Gemini (commucating about arms)
- Sun trine Pluto is the tightest aspect: there is a will to be strong and the nature is 'defense' and ...politics
- Sun, Neptune and Pluto are involved in a small trine. Secrecy and discretion are part of the deal
- Jupiter inconjunct Saturn shows that there is a somewhat disproportionate hierarchy and that there may be restrictions when it comes to 'growing'

Today the leaders of the nations are together and the Sun is involved in an opposition with Neptune and a trine with Pluto (just like 60 years ago). It seems that there is tension (and Uranus is the 'oriental' planet, rising before the Sun). Uranus is the symbol of tension.

For more about Neptune and Pluto, the combination of the silent (and secret) force, click here.


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