Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demjanjuk; small trine and 3x Mars/Saturn/Pluto

Today the US sent John Demjanjuk back to (Germany) to be on trial (see PPS). All about the chart of Demjanjuk can be found in a postdated May 2008. The main message of that post:

1. Saturn and Pluto progressions and transits relate the episode of the Second World War to the moment of punishement now.
(It is often so that the same sort of aspects of the past come back when the event is of importance in the present).

2. There is a small trine formed by Mars, Saturn and Pluto in his chart. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are the combination of unnatural death. Apparently that was the theme on April 3, 1920, the day that he was born in Kiev. This combination was repeated 3 times (Mars - Saturn/Pluto; Saturn - Mars/Pluto; Pluto - Mars/Saturn). The midpoint combinations show hard and dangerous methods and the danger of death or the disadvantages of using violence.

The post was also about the effect of the small trine (tight aspects) related to the 3 midpoint combinations that are always the result of the tight small trine*).

In the post I gave my opinion about the effect of the small trine:

"I think that the midpoint combinations point at actual events and hard times. And that the small trine symbolises the way you deal with it.
He could get away with it for a long long time. And that is the effect of the small trine

*) That is so because it is a combination of a planet (A) that is connected to two other positions by means of a trine and a sextile. The planet that makes the sextile (C) is also 60 degrees away from the planet connected by a trine (B) For example:
A = 80 d B = 200 d C = 140 d. That means that planet C is 60 degrees from A and B and right in the middle of A and B. C = conjunct A/B. A = square B/C and B = square A/C
So every tight (2 d orb) small trine has 3 midpoint combinations to make. And when the small trine involves difficult planets, there will be 3 difficult midpoint combinations related to the 'harmonious' aspects.

Who is John Demjanjuk? Read Wikipedia... or read CNN


PS In the earlier post about Demjanjuk I forgot to mention that when he was found guilty again in 2004, it was of being a camp guard in the concentration camp Sobibor (not in Triblinka). The American judge ruled that Demjanjuk hadn't been able to make it clear where he was in WW II. So now Demjanjuk is no longer a US Citizen. That is why he was sent to Ukrania (however, that country did not want him back and Germany 'volunteered').

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PPS For the time being a judge ordered that Demjanjuk is too weak to leave the country (he is 89). He must be relieved (transit Jupiter sesquisquare Uranus). This is his chart with transits of today.

PPPS For those on the net who claim that Sobibor 'was not that bad': it was a death camp, an exterminationcamp. For info... Sobibor's gas chambers killed thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. There seems to be strong evidence that Demjanjuk participated in the murders, in Sobibor and in Majdanek.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I wish I had a handful of whatever this dudes eating. By the way your 2 d orb must have been slightly off. It was found,in Israel that he WAS NOT in Treblinka

Astromarkt said...

Yes, I love the chocolate of Mars too:)LOL
But I don't think the USA sents him to Germany if they really thought that he was not in Treblinka.

Anonymous said...

Germany IS NOT even charging him with bieng in Triblinka. They want to charge him with bieng somewhere 200 miles from Treblinka.The author should recalabrate their orb.

Astromarkt said...

Yes, he was not in Triblinka according to the judge in Israel, but he was in Sobibor, another concentration camp.
I quote:
German authorities issued an arrest warrant for Demjanjuk on March 10, accusing him of being an accessory to 29,000 counts of murder as a guard at the Sobibor death camp from March to September 1943.

Thanks for your notice.