Monday, May 12, 2008


On 15 March 2007 I published about the female heroe of the resistance in Poland, Irena Sendler or Sendlerowa, born February 15, 1910 in Warsowa. On the 10th October 2003 she received the order of the White Eagle for the rescue of 2500 Jewish children from the ghetto, in 1943, during Wolrd War II. In that year she was arrested. They questioned her and broke her arms and legs. Now she died.

I had a discussion on a former forum of Astromarkt, that vanished for some reason, so that the reading got lost. So now in short my observations:
- Mercury without major aspects, rising before the Sun, prominent (communicator, messenger)
- Prominent Mars semi square Aries Point, not making major aspects (known for being an activist at any level)
- Sun trine Pluto most narrow major aspect (courage, strength, authority or fanatism)
- Sun square Pluto in the year of the occupation of Poland (1939)(activating the natal aspect...a challenge and being confronted with problems and danger)
- Progressed Uranus inconjunct Pluto in the year of her arrest (1943)
Note that Uranus-Pluto connections are often present in the (progressed) charts of people who experience a sort of a revolutionary change in life, such as an arrest.

She died with progressed Sun square Chiron, transit Neptune conjunct her natal Sun and with transit Saturn close to the progressed Sun.

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