Monday, May 12, 2008

Transits show the end...

What a timing! Rui Costa, Portugese soccer player, ended his carreer today, winning a game. It was a happy day (sun transit sesquisquare Jupiter) also was an END. Saturn is a symbol of endings. Pluto is a symbol of transformations. And Neptune is a symbol of giving up. All three of theme are active by transit.

In Costa's birth chart you see Jupiter oriental (for the international) and square Sun.

Look at:
Transit Saturn square the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in his birth chart and semi square Uranus
Transit Pluto square Pluto and inconjunct Mars
Transit Neptune semi square Sun and square Venus
Progressed Sun sesquisquare Pluto this year

The Portugese Wikipedia mentions that he ended his carreer being exhausted. The difficult transits and progressions show that that might be right...The combination of Saturn, Pluto and Mars is rarely an easy one.

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