Friday, January 25, 2008

Same issue, same birth charts?

Recently Jérôme Kerviel caused a damaage of at least 5 billion euro to the French bank Société General. Nick Leeson in 1995 caused the end for Barrings Bank (fraud: 1,5 billion).

The positions on the day of birth of Kerviel show the picture of a man who will be trusted and who has confidence. A creative entrepeneur, playing with the rules...He is also creative in money affairs. At a certain moment, however, he became arrogant and finally the dream was over.

Leeson is a dreamer with enterprise, a person who beliefs in his own dreams. He can be dragged away easily and will not always be reasonable or sensible. Money became important in his life after 1990 and soon the limitations of life showed up. At last he saw that his optimism (Jupiter) was wrong (Neptune).

Except for a sharp mind and passion the charts of Leeson and Kerviel don't have much in common. If Kerviel was born in the early morning, he and Leeson would share the Moon in Virgo (for a need to offer services). In the charts of both men Saturn is prominent (related to Zero Aries, Aries Point. That is a signal for the importance of hierarchy, management and rules. I think it is interesting that in both charts Mars and Neptune are rising before the Sun.

The progressed charts: Neptune in a hard aspect with Jupiter, right on the day that the fairy tale ended. Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for speculations that is also found in the charts of religious people and in the charts of idols (like Tom Cruise, who is both idol and religious, see message below). The hard aspect might point at the negative consequences (Neptune) of arrogancy (Jupiter).

Kerviel was born January 11, 1977 (no time, no place available). So he recently had his birthday.

Jérôme Kerviel is a Capricorn with the Sun in a tight trine with Jupiter and Saturn is sesquisquare Zero Aries. The Sun-Jupiter trine points at self confidence and being trusted...Right now his progressed chart is square to Jupiter (too much, too much...) and transit Neptune is making a square to his natal Jupiter.

Saturn is prominent and so is Mars (rising before the Sun). Mars is biquintile Saturn. We see enterprise with creativity and perhaps a game with the rules. There is also a creative biquintile between Venus and Pluto in his chart. Right now Saturn opposes Venus and Pluto is making a quindecile of 75 degrees with natal Pluto. Saturn and Pluto (serious problem) on the financials (Venus and Pluto. This is obvious even without a DOB. And of course, this man was working at a bank! So these aspects had a desastrous effect.

Nick Leeson is a Pisces with Sun trine Mars: an entrepeneur and a dreamer...for Neptune is rising before the Sun and that makes a person focus on the immaterial (dreams, ideals, beliefs). We see Venus on Aries Point (Zero Aries), close to Saturn. For the money axis all I see right now is Pluto in a midpoint yod with Sun/Venus (intensifying desires).

Over 60% of his positions are in watersigns. There are no placements in air signs. That makes him easy to be influenced and dragged away. Also he is not always a reasonable person. Still, communications are important. He wrote a book about his events. The 'missing element' is conspicuous in absence. Read about that HERE. Now that Kerviel repeated these sort of event, the media try to contact Leeson. Leeson has the progressed Moon trine Jupiter in 2008 and sure will benefit from that.

Nick Leeson was born on 25 February 1967 in Watford. From 1992 on he started his secret speculations. At that moment in time the progressed Sun was changing sign and later conjunct Venus (part of the money axis). It did not take long. Soon there was Sun conjunct Saturn...

On January 16, 1995 (with transit Neptune in a zero orb trine with Uranus) he bought an option. The day after the indices in Asia tumbled down due. There had been an earth quake in Kobe! In a final attempt to make it up, he ended loosing 1,5 billion (half of the bank's capital!). On February 23 1995 he ran away (transit Neptune opposed to progressed Jupiter). And just like is the case with Kerviel today, it was not far from his birthday.

Venus en Pluto

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