Friday, January 4, 2008


Jupiter personalised is a.o. a doctor, someone helping, coaching or healing you.

Today Britney Spears has transit Jupiter exactly opposed to her Midheaven so I guess she is in good hands. But look at her progressed chart with the Moon on the lowest spot and with Saturn and Pluto around her progressed Ascendant. It is indeed a difficult and depressing period for her. The Moon on a crucial spot in this chart tells us how crucial motherhood is in her life today.

See the message about the birth chart of Britney, dated October 19, 2007, with a quick scan of her chart and the drawing of her birth chart. I would like to add, that it is easy to see why she is a 'fatal woman'. Venus is end dispositor of the MC and the tightest aspect in her birth chart is Venus square Pluto. More about Venus-Pluto...

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