Sunday, January 27, 2008

The president of Indonesia had the chart for dictatorship

Suharto died. He was born 8th June 1921 in Yogyakarta, time unknown. His astrological I.D. shows Uranus oriental (for being controversial, independant and for having a chance of getting real old) and a square between Sun-Mars and Saturn. The Sun-Saturn square is what he shares with Stalin, Putin and Chavez. The Sun-Saturn square often confronts the individual with restrictions in early life (poverty - sometimes due to the early death of a parent or a divorce-, health conditions etc.) that makes him or her aware of the disadvantages of life and overly carefull and mistrusting. That is why politicians with too much power and a Sun-Saturn affliction in their chart, might end up being a dictator. The Mars-Saturn square is a sign for the hard liner and for all those who work with or against the limitations of the law.

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