Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Asif Ali Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto. He was born 21st July 1957 and today the newspapers report that HE instead of his sun, will lead the party now that his wife passed away. It seems that Bilawal Bhutto has turned back to Dubai to complete his study and leave the present political struggle to his father. So let us have a look at the birth chart of Asif Zardari. As we donot know his hour of birth this look will be limited to the positions on the day that he was born.

Asif has the Sun square Neptune*) in a tight aspect; Jupiter is calling (without major aspects in sign). Transit Pluto is inconjunct his Sun and Mercury now. This is very telling for the situation that involves violence, death, politics, power, threats and security. Transit Pluto trines his progressed Pluto and that aspect means: an easy (trine) gain (Pluto) of power (Pluto). Like in his son's chart besides Pluto there is activity from Mars. His progressed Sun is opposed to progressed Mars: symbolic for a fight that someone else started and for the possibility also of an attack (or a heart attack).

*)Sun square Neptune = being in a negative light, being a suspect sometimes even...and might be an indication for a weak hearth and bad health. And in this case some of the ways this hard aspect presents itself are seen in the life of Asif Zardari. Mr. Zardari has been in prison for some years after accusations of blackmailing a businessman and later he was held in custody for murder charges and corruption. See Wikipedia. His health and honour both suffered from the years in prison.

Given these facts the present twist of faith that makes him an important political leader is rather unusual. I wonder how his MC and Ascendant are aspected these days, because I expect a major role for Uranus and Pluto and/or a changing sign on the MC, maybe connected to a transit of Pluto. But, that is only speculation, as his HOB is unknown.

PS September 2008:
Sun square Neptune is the same aspect as in the chart of Angelika Merkel, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. I think that what they share is the fact that they are 'larger than theirselves', a sort of a living symbol and that they all have been underestimated (at first). The media have an important part to play in the lives of these politicians, but so have their own ideals, beliefs and visions. They are being idealized so much that they will always in a way be disappointing the crowds.

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