Monday, January 21, 2008


Suzanne Pleshette died, age 70, early in the evening of the 19th. She was born 31st January 1937 at 22h24 ( Since August 2006 it was known that she was being treated for lung cancer (that was with P Moon square Pluto, just before the progressive New Moon and a few months after Sun semi sextile Saturn). 18 Months earlier the progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune announced a vulnerable health. Transit Pluto squared the Progressed MC last year.

She was a beautiful actrice (Notice the MC in Cancer ruled by Moon in Libra on the Ascendant, ruled by Venus in Pisces in 6 conjunct Aries Point, ruled by Neptune in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in Capricorn and back to Neptune through Saturn in Pisces. So the Moon is ruling, Neptune is end dispositor of the MC and the Moon is square the MC with Mercury crucial on the IC for the use of communication methods. Artistic or immaterialistic keeper of memories with on orientation on communications, that is what could be read in this chart.

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