Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gordon Brown and the Elections
of May 6, 2010

The chart below is the natal chart of Gordon Brown with transits and progressions of Election day (May 6, 2010). On September 30, 2009 when it was expected that the elections would be in June, I wrote about the astrological situation and that prognosis hasn't changed. The past few months I have been especially interested in Pholus and now I like to add that transit Pholus is sesquisquare his progressed Sun. That is reflecting a turning point in life. As his progressed Sun sign is changing, another way of living is to be expected (his life style is changing). The third sign of change comes from the transit of Pluto on his natal Midheaven. Third time lucky is not the case...
A chart is hardly needed when there are polls, but still: the correspondence between the polls and the astrological positions is interesting. Now let us wait and see what happens...

Here is what I blogged before. I quote:
There are more and more signs that Gordon Brown will loose the elections and that he will have to get used to another life style, just like his progressed Sun (changing sign!) tells us that he will. The combination of transit Pluto on Midheaven and Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Saturn is at least a difficult one. There is stress (Pluto) and there is a big chance of losing status (inconjunction with Saturn). Saturn-Pluto-combinations in politics often reflect the hard sides of politics. Falling down is a hard thing. And there are no helping transits whatsoever
Unless a miracle happens, Labour will see of lot of the voters switch to another party.

Here are a few of the posts about Gordon Brown, who managed to make a big mistake yesterday when he insulted a lady who voted for Labour before. Here is the link to the posts with ‘Gordon Brown’ in the text:

And here are some of the posts strictly about Gordon Brown and the elections.
Gordon Brown and the elections
Dated Sep 30, 2009
Nevertheless, even with such difficult aspects Gordon Brown made it to the top of the UK, just like George W. Bush managed to be in charge of the nation. See the topic about Sun and Saturn, managing to be in charge. ...

Astropost: Sun inconjunct Saturn (like Gordon Brown)
Dated Feb 21, 2010
When I read about Gordon Brown and his complaining staff, I remembered his natal Sun inconjunct Saturn. This inconjunction is about finding balance (inconjunction) between you and your position and life/lifestyle, however high or low, ...
Synastry Brown-Blair (Mars inconjunct Saturn
Dated Feb 25, 2010
Did, by any chance, Tony Blair ruin the life of Gordon Brown? Perhaps. With Mars inconjunct Saturn and Moon opposition Moon there are enough problems to solve between then, in spite of the Venus and Jupiter of Blair. ...

ALSO: about his opponents:

Astropost: David Cameron on June 3
Dated March 13, 2010
You see, his opponent, Gordon Brown, also has the progressed Sun in the final minutes of the sign. The inconjunction with Saturn in his chart is just as unpleasant as the transit of Saturn is in the chart of Cameron. ...\

(!Attention: the transits and progressions are for June 3, while the Elections are on May 6…)

Astropost: Liberal Nick Clegg
Dated Apr 16, 2010
The people of England have more than just two choices on May 6, election day. There is Gordon Brown, there is David Cameron and there is the winner of the debate today: Liberal Nick Clegg, born January 7, 1967, time unknown. ...


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