Thursday, April 1, 2010

L.Ron Hubbard's chart (again)

LAFAYETTE RON HUBBARD, founder of Scientology, was born 13 March 1911, 2:01, Tilden, Nebraska USA. I had a look at his chart before (related to the chart of Tom Cruise, one of his followers), but it is almost Easter and time for fresh new looks, isn't it? Also, Scientology is news again (and Uranus is square his progressed Sun), and I like to see where Pholus is in charts.
Did you know that Jupiter is conjunct Pholus in his chart and that this is the tightest applying aspect? It is the reflection of a twist in conviction with a bubbling effect:). In May 1950 the (science fiction) writer Hubbard published his theory of unhypnotising, a method to get rid of the influence of traumatic memories. That was with his progressed Sun sign changing (a sign for a change in lifestyle)! And that in 1951 when he turned from pop therapist to religious leader, transit Pholus was square progressed Sun.
L. Ron Hubbard has always been controversial (Sun/Moon semi square Uranus).

The pattern of artistic talent in the chart is:
Venus angular (opposition the Libra Midheaven) sesquisquare Moon and square Neptune.

The tightest aspect is Mercury trine Jupiter and both are connected to Neptune, making it a grand trine. The grand trine involves the Jupiter-Neptune connection for having fans/followers and for growing in the immaterial field. Mercury is in opposition with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune; we see a lot of fantasy and religious (Jupiter/Neptune) ideas, devoted audiences and fans. It is not just the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune connection. What about Sun in Pisces and Sagittarius Ascendant? How about Moon in the equal ninth house? Click on the label Jupiter/Neptune for more about the combination of devoted audiences.

Scientology is often related with money issues. They show in the chart of the founder: Venus and Pluto are angular, reflecting the importance of the money axis.

L. Ron Hubbard's has a Mars-Uranus conjunction with Venus square Neptune. Those are two out of the four aspect combinations that make it hard to get or stay married for men. He married three times and had 7 children.

PS With Quaoar trine Ascendant and Venus it was rather easy for him to create new realities (also about himself).


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