Thursday, April 22, 2010

Steven Seagall under fire

Steven Seagall's hour of birth is X-rated (his astrologer quotes him after he called his mom about his BC, so I wonder why it is an X-rating). The chart has Saturn inconjunct Midheaven, Mars is the first outer planet rising before the Sun, Pluto is on the Ascendant square Mars. Mars is sesquisquare the 'calling' Venus. The prominence of Mars-Pluto is evident and that prominence is in line with the martial arts (a fighting strategy).Mars-Pluto also reflects the issue of using force.It is the kind of aspect that goes with dominating men (strong muscles, using the power of money and influence). Mars-Pluto is also about the drive to win and having to defend himself. That is right now, in court, against 3 ladies who accuse him of molesting them. See ABC's video Seagall under Siege...about the accusations of one of them.
Several transits and progressions accompany this accusation.

Venus is sesquisquare Mars in the natal chart. Progressed Mars is now inconjunct natal Venus, resonating the natal combination. This combination refers to frustrated passions.

Progressed Sun is inconjunct natal Mars and sesquisquare progressed Mars.
This aspect is highlighting Mars two times. Mars is the planet of fighting, work, men, sex and fire... This combination shows that he is the target.

Transit Pluto and Saturn were and will be moving over his progressed Ascendant and Midheaven, with transit Pluto sesquisquare natal Ascendant.
Saturn-Pluto-combinations are one of the most difficult combinations to deal with.

Transit Pholus opposition progressed Mercury: a mental turning point with the danger to hurt yourself in communications with others.

Inconjunctions have an unbalancing effect and are often reflecting disproportion. At the moment there are two inconjunctions by transit.

If the h.o.b. is correct, Saturn is inconjunct his natal Midheaven. That is a signal of the danger of public embarrassment. The tightest aspects in the natal chart are Moon opposition Jupiter (popularity) and Sun opposition Neptune. There is a complete article about Sun-Neptune combinations on my site Astromarkt. Click this link to go there...

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