Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yves Leterme had a chance to fall

Again, the government of Yves Leterme has fallen. I found the birth data on (with thanks to Zus Luycz) (link). Yves Leterme was born Octboer 6,1960 at 10:18 in Wervik, Belgium. See his chart (scroll down) with transits and progressions.

The combination of the bad press (Uranus and Neptune, in mutual reception) is now in aspect with his progressed Midheaven (inconjunction and trine) and natal Sun (sesquisquare and quindecile). It must be a tragedy for a man with such a prominent Pluto (on Midheaven and rising before the Sun): the prototype of a politician. Transit Pluto is now trine his natal Midheaven (transformation time; come back time, too?) Belgium is of course a difficult country so he can’t have all the blame. But with Sun square Saturn he does have the aspect of being (found) responsible. He was in charge, after all. When he started this period of government he had transit Saturn sextile Sun, resonating the Sun-Saturn square and offering him the chance to fail again. Politicians with Sun-Saturn afflictions (like Putin and Chávez) tend to want to be ruling alone and control it all.

Also interesting is the conjunction of Mercury,Neptune andVenus trine Mars and Pluto. The talent to make up stories, discussion techniques and the ability to change opinions ….those are the kind of tools that politicians can use. But, one of the things that the Wallons (the French speaking part of Belgium) holds against him is that he is not flexible. With 50% of his positions in fixed signs and the Moon in Taurus it is hard to believe that they are wrong. In a country divided by two languages flexibility might be even more needed....But that is beyond astrology: let us just note the positions and see what happens...

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