Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The cruel dictator in Stalin's chart

I just added an article on Joseph Stalin's chart to Astromarkt (in Dutch( and decided to mention something about him here, too, on the 18th of December, his birthday. The natal chart of Stalin has all of the ingredients for a cruel dictator IF given total power and IF there is no control. Just like the Chinese dictator Mao he has an important combination of Saturn and Pluto in the chart. It is a combination for a 'die hard'. 

The natal chart of Stalin has a DD-rating given by Astrodatabank. For a long time it wasn't even certain on what day Stalin was born. As he was poor and not yet important when he was born, nobody noted his hour of birth, so the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon and house positions are nothing more but a guess. That leaves us the positions on the day of birth…and those have to be seen in the light of that time in history, the culture and the man's genes. 

Here is the natal chart with transits and progressions of an important day in his life (April 3, 1911) when he escaped an arrest and 'vanished'. Watch Neptune and Pholus!(Click to enlarge)

There is a very important Mars in this chart. Mars rises before the Sun and has a few very narrow aspects: 
- a quintile with Jupiter
- a trine with Saturn
- an opposition with Pluto
- a semi sextile with the Sun
I know that we CAN read this as: a successful (Jupiter) very driven (Mars-Pluto) dictator (Sun-Saturn), but maybe that is too fast too soon. Perhaps another day I'll be back for more on his chart. Meanwhile, I like to point at the labels below, for more background information on Sun-Saturn, Sun-Pluto, Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn. This survivor didn't trust the outside world and got too much power. Lenin was too late and died before he could stop the rise of Stalin, a an responsible (Saturn) for the abuse of power (Mars-Pluto) that eventually killed millions. 


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