Monday, December 30, 2013

Transits and progressions of Michael Schumacher's accident

The German F1 racer Michael Schumacher had a terrible ski-accident and is now in coma. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do but wait. Accidents don't come alone: they are accompanied by more than 2 important transits or progressions, always. The former Stigg had a number of dramatic aspects yesterday. They indicate being confused or isolated, warn for getting hurt and needing a cure. They also include challenge, danger and problems.

1. Progressed Sun is exactly square progressed Neptune. 
This aspect often accompanies a period of withdrawal or isolation. In the natal chart the Sun is semi square Neptune and Neptune is angular. That increases the importance of this progression. 
He is in coma and in hospital and that seems to correspond with the nature of Neptune.

2. Progressed Mars and Progressed Pholus both semi square transit Pluto
This aspect warns for danger of injuries. 

The two aspects above are valid even if the hour of birth is not completely correct. For the other transits and progressions, it takes more than that.

3. Transit Pluto on natal Sun/Moon midpoint (if the time of birth given by Astrodatabank is correct)
Sun/Moon is the point of heart and soul and of being motivated or not. Pluto intensifies motivations. The Sun/Moon-Pluto combination highlights crisis, issues of life and death and challenges in general.

4. Transit Mars square natal Moon
This is for a moment with a risk of getting hurt.

5. Transit Chiron is conjunct Progressed Moon, mirroring the need to heal.

6. Progressed Venus is inconjunct Progressed IC and in a growing sesquisquare with progressed Neptune.

There is no involvement of the 8th house, except for Pluto (natural ruler of 8) and Mars (ancient natural ruler of 8). In January and April/May transit Jupiter will be on the Progressed Ascendant (provided that the hour is correct!). Jupiter is the symbol of doctors, helpers and sometimes of hope that things will be getting better. His Jupiter, however is the ruler of the 8th house of life and death and of crisis. Given the situation, we will have to wait, see and hope for the best…

Here are the charts (a click to enlarge them):
Natal transits and progressions 
Progressed chart and transits
Dutch Prince Friso was in coma for a long time after a ski-accident.

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