Monday, December 30, 2013

The chart of New Year 2014

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. It is not a special astrological moment, like Zero Aries (the beginning of the Astrological New Year), but for many of us it is a special moment that we celebrate with bubbles and good wishes. For those who consider the 0h0m of January 1 as the overture of the year to come, the chart of that moment is  an important one.  So let's create them! However, every city, town or village has it's own New Year's chart. Here is the NY-city New Year chart.
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In Western Europe the Ascendant is in early Libra, but in Eastern Europe and the Middle East the Ascendant at 0 hours is in hard aspect with Mars and Pluto. So it is in New York. On the angles are Mars, Pluto and Uranus and that looks quite alarming. But, there was no such thing in the NY New Year chart of 2001! And that is why I say that a New Year's Eve chart is valid as long as your resolutions are. Take my word for it: that is not very long!:)

The New Year's chart is valid for thAt specific moment. Four times a day the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination will be on the horizon and meridian of many cities in the world, these days. We see terrorist attacks in Volvograd, riots in Turkey and danger all over the world. The Uranus-Pluto square is a mundane signal of upheaval, arrests, protests and rebellion. Mars adds some fuel to this square, now.
The Mars-Pluto square is exact in the New Year's chart. This aspect hits the 10-12 degrees of the cardinal signs and the 25-27 degrees of the fixed signs and urges to be alert if you have a chart position there. Mars-Pluto hits my Sun/Moon midpoint and my husband's Sun. We will have to be careful not to bite in hard nuts and bruise our teeth, not to get hit by someone's firework or car and just like with Xmas we will count to 10 until we drop. In that case, I'll be back in 2014! Meanwhile: have a great Year End Party.

Jupiter, the bright star that you will see these nights, is the symbol of hope. This symbol is right above your head when the New Year starts. You might regard that as a signal, like someone watching over you. Be safe and keep hoping!

PS The picture above is of Gustav Klimt and is named Hope.
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