Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Xmas-night chart

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Above is the Xmas-night chart for December 25, 0 hours at Bethlehem. Almost right above the heads of those in Bethlehem is Jupiter, the planet of hopes. Jupiter is in the sign Cancer (the sign of the traditions). Sounds great and the beautiful trine of Moon in Virgo - symbol of the Virgin) with Venus (peace and harmony) seems to complete the picture of holy night, silent night. In all countries of Western Europe (MET-zone)  Quaoar is opposition Miheaven and that could be the sign of creating a new status. Even Quaoar seems to fit in the Xmas picture: a new world is born. The chart is a perfect chart for a Xmas-night. But...

There is always a 'but' and that is the fact that there is an explosive Mars exactly opposition Uranus, later that night and that both are on the angles of Xmas charts in the Middle-East and in Turkey where the unexpected arrests of sons of ministers was followed by firing police chiefs, prohibiting journalist to enter police stations and the resign of one of the ministers. This Mars-Uranus hits my Uranus today and my Mars is quatronovile Uranus, so I intend to let my husband drive the car and count to ten all day long. I am paying a visit to my mother, whose Mars receives an inconjunct from transit Uranus and we go by car.

There are more persons with this challenging aspect during Xmas. I think of those with a natal or progressed Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Sun/Moon midpoint, Ascendant or Midheaven in the 9th degree (8-9) of the capital signs Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. That includes, for example, those born on December 29. If you were born on or around July 1, October 2 or March 29: keep counting your blessings! Have a lot of chocolate if you have a placement in those degrees, keep cool and stay cautious. The opposition is exact between 20 and 21 hours GMT in 8d37 Libra (Mars) and Aries (Uranus). For most of the Europeans, that will be AFTER dinner. Not too much pepper, please! Avoid the risk of technical problems with machines, motors, cars or electricity and you will look back at a busy but pleasant Xmas. Take care if Mars or Uranus is prominent in your chart, especially if there are at least 2 more warnings in the chart. But why hurry, get angry and be irritated with Christmas, uh:?  
Remember: it very much depends on your character, situation and conditions how a transit will manifest. You don't HAVE to be ruled by a transit. You are in charge!

With transit of Venus, Jupiter or midpoint Venus/Jupiter, on the other hand, you have a better chance of having a lovely or great Xmas. Those born on July 8,9 or 10, the Pisces of March 7 and the Scorpio's of November 9 might meet a jolly good Santa this year. If you were born on or around October 17, your natal Sun is right in the middle of the transiting combination of the 'party': Venus/Jupiter. And those born on January 18, September 21 or May 19 may see there wish come true: a nice Xmans. 
Only if you eat too much or too fat or if you spend more than you can afford, this Venus-Jupiter transit hurts (later), but meanwhile: enjoy! Have a pleasant final week of 2013!


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