Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun story

It's not that I am fond of the quincunx, but (sic) the inconjunct pops up every time that I see a chart of someone who accomplished or achieved somethig, BUT with a loss or a complication involved. I wrote about the negative positive Jupiter, before, in cases of positive doping tests, when the success (Jupiter) was followed by deception, disgrace and sometimes even prosecution. So, when I see transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun, I see a risk: Jupiter slipping.

Amy Robach, born February 6, 1973,  had transit Jupiter in Cancer inconjunct her natal Sun in Aquarius last October 1, when she had a mammography on television in order to stimulate women to do the test. This was her rescue: she was found positive on breast cancer.

Jupiter is the symbol of doctors, remedies and advice. See: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2012/09/jupiter-when-you-are-ill.html

Jupiter-Sun highlight success.
Jupiter saves and judges.
Inconjuncts symbolize the need to give up on something (even if it is for a short while).

It is all there in her chart. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before her Sun and that makes Jupiter special. It is for the international and the optimist and most of the time a great help.

The position of Sun and planets is all we know when there is no hour of birth. There are usually more than 2 important transits and progressions at important moments in life.  Without birth time it remsins unknown if that is so in this specific case.

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