Friday, November 22, 2013

Sagittarius' advice

Sagittarius is my sun sign. I have written about Sagittarius before (see that post) and now I like to tell you about Sagittarius giving and getting advice.
Sagittarius shows you the way. THIS direction is obligatory...
Sagittarius job is to show the way as a guide or a guru. A good Sagittarius shares his or her 'wisdom' by given advice! Yes, sometimes they do so unwanted, o when nobody asked for a 'good' advice. It is not their fault that nobody listens or follows the advice. They understand. That is because Sags tend to ask for advice (what would you do if you were me?), knowing that nobody  could know what to do if they were a Sag. Most of the time the Sagittarius simply goes his or her own way, neglecting the advice. They say that the advice helped them to make up their mind! Perhaps you can see the Sagittarius as a person who helps you to make up your mind...

This bird eats snakes. Name is Sagittarius Serpentarius
Now that the time of the Sag has come, I thought it wise to tell you this and not without an advice for you how to deal with Sagittarius:)! When I say Sagittarius, I mean the sign and not all persons born with Sun in Sagittarius. You can have a lot of placements in Sagittarius, a Sun/Moon midpoint in Sagittarius or a prominent Jupiter to explain your persistance in telling the world what is best for them:).

Beethoven is one of the most well known Sags and here is something on the loudness in the music and the chart: Recently I went to see a concert and heard the Fifth.

On this blog you also find
Tina Turner

And here is the one of Sagittarius Ozzy Osbourne (Moon sextile Venus square Neptune and trine Midheaven for the pattern of the artist):
I can't help it that they are loud. It seems that the voice of a Sagittarius is also loud. Maybe that is the connection with the teacher and the preacher and the singer?

Are you born with Sun in Sagittarius? How do you deal with giving and getting advice?

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