Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Chiron progression and return

In "The healing that you need with Chiron" I attributed Chiron's transits and progressions to ailments and illnesses and I gave a few examples. Of course, serious illness doesn't go along with just one transit or progression of Chiron! Usually there are more (at least 3) serious indications in such a bad period in life. Chiron's transits and progression can be psychologically painful, too. If we see Chiron as a teacher, we may see transits and progressions of Chiron in periods of 'a lesson learned' (or learnt, if you are British). Maybe Sun-Chiron makes you face 'where it hurts', where the pain is and what causes it. Need examples?

It happens to two politicians right now! Also, Chiron is almost conjunct the position of 50 years ago, when President John F. Kennedy was murdered (10Pi14).  It's the painful Chiron return period, reminding us of a never clearly solved murder case. Here is the chart of the moment of the assassination with the transits of November 22, 2013. Click to enlarge!

The charts of the politicians are of:

1. President Barack Obama

His health care (!Chiron) program doesn't work as it should and his popularity is declining. This happens exactly with progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Chiron. It must be painful to see how the key project of your presidency fails to be supported by the majority. Even more disturbing is that progressed Sun will be inconjunct natal Chiron in a few years time. The inconjunct is slippery and sliding. I don't think that it is easy to be the President of the USA right now and his chart mirrors that. See the latest post: Her is his progressed chart:

2. Silvio Berlusconi

He has lost support, his party is deteriorating and his power and influence fading. His progressed Sun is square natal Chiron right now. In his natal chart Chiron holds an elevated and important position.
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