Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home is where the heart is (Tina's Vesta)

Today the press writes about Tina Turner's change of nationality. She is Swiss now, instead of American. For a long time she lives in Switzerland and she speaks German fluently.

In the post on Astro Click Travel lines ( ) I asked the question: does it work? Most of you said yes. But Tina's lines don't seem to correspond with those lines. There is no line over Switzerland, for example. Here is her astro click portrait:
In the natal chart Saturn is conjunct Vesta in the 9th house and the Sun (ruler 1) is in 4. Ruler 4 Pluto is in 12. And now Transit Neptune (ruler of the 8th house) is inconjunct Pluto (ruler 4)!  Progressed Sun square Uranus adds some more change and controversy or: NEWS. There is also progressed IC trine Uranus. How much more change of background (IC) would you like?

Perhaps most of the explanation is in that, but I choose to look at the progressed Vesta. Vesta is in her 9th house (the house of 'over there, abroad'). Progressed Vesta, still in 9, gradually moved to an inconjunction with her natal Sun. Her domicile (Vesta) gradually reached her heart (Sun), but (inconjunct!) in order to get to a point where she and her domicile became one (LOL, forgive my free thinking) there was something to give up (inconjunct).

I like to see Vesta as the symbol of home (where the fire place is) and the Sun as heart. Home is where the heart is and what you want to give up (inconjunct) your birth nationality for. 
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