Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Uranus-Pluto aftermath

Uranus-Pluto was NOT exact when the French Revolution (July 4, 1789) happened. Uranus was exactly square Pluto in the year 1792, two years later, when France became a republic. In the two years following the exact square, there was the Reign of Terror, led by Robespierre, who ended his violent life on July 28, 1794, when Saturn was square Uranus. The next square between Saturn and Uranus now is in February of 2021!

We had 7 times Uranus square Pluto and many revolts. It stopped. No more Uranus-Pluto squares for the time being:). But this hasn't brought peace and quiet. Instead, there are still growing Reigns of Terror. It seems that Uranus-Pluto is the start of a nasty period and not the end, or better: it is a follow up of a new terror regime. And Saturn-Uranus (breaking free) is the moment of the real end of the unrest and the beginning of a new status quo. At least, that is what happened in the 18th century. I'll be back in 2021, I hope, to remind you of this.

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