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Sun-Pholus, Whitney Houston and Obama

Pholus keeps me occupied:). It might be because transit Pholus is almost conjunct my Sun and Midheaven and because Pholus is conjunct my midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven and Mars in my natal chart, but Pholus makes me curious. Maybe you got interested, too?  Here is something about Sun opposition Pholus, Sun-Pholus synastry and Sun-Pholus progressions regarding Whitney Houston and Barack Obama. It seems that Sun opposition Pholus might be mirroring the catalyst, turning your life upside down. 
Barack Obama had transit Pholus opposition progressed Sun when J.F. Kennedy was murdered and he said later that this moment changed him. He wanted to become a president like his hero was. (See about the retrosprective impact of Pholus:


Have I already mentioned the importance of the Sun-Pholus opposition in the chart of Whitney Houston here on Astropost? I guess that I kept this for astrology&love, my other blog. But it is rather important now. You see, Whitney Houston died February 11, shortly after transit Pholus on her Midheaven. She had Sun opposition Pholus (just like Barack Obama) and once married a guy who’s Sun was conjunct her Pholus. His name was Bobby Brown. Quoting myself:
She might risk ‘ shooting her foot’ more often and he is the living proof of how she did that. On the other hand, he may have been the catalyst of some inner and outer process that we are unaware of. Who knows..And perpaps things are even more complicated. Bobby Brown says that she introduced him to cocaine! Anyway, the complications of their relationship are reflected by the complicated aspects between their charts.”


Or, more important, just like Obama’s Pholus in 13d28.2 Aquarius will ‘hit’ you when your personal planets or angles are in tight aspect with that degree. Just like Whitney Houston, Barack Obama has Sun opposition Pholus. The aspect perfected in the first year. Barack Obama’s life certainly has an important turning point early in life, when his parents separated because of his father’s move to Harvard University. (They divorced later). An inconjunction between his progressed (SA) Sun and Pholus followed in 1993. That is when Obama joined an attorney law firm as an associate. The summer of 2005 brought transit Pholus on his natal Midheaven and this was during a vital move to Chicago (See Wiki:” Applying the proceeds of a book deal, the family moved in 2005 from a Hyde Park, Chicago condominium to a $1.6 million house in neighboring Kenwood, Chicago.[288]”
That seems to have been a turning point for his career…

Susan Boyle has Pholus on Midheaven and we all know how her position and status turned upside down, all of the sudden. When the show that was to be broadcasted in April was recorded in January 2009, she had transit Pholus trine her Sun and her life started changing. That is another signal that Pholus is important when you look back at the moment that transit Pholus hit your chart. In this case: recording in January, famous in April.

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