Friday, February 17, 2012

Transit Mars square Sun

Transit Mars was subject of an earlier post, but I have an addition to what I said about the cutting, hurting and injuring...(here: ). Here is a 'diary' example for you showing Mars as the symbol of being assertive, fighting for your 'rights' and giving the drive to stand up for yourself. The positive side of Mars is that he doesn't want to compromise for ever...

This week, exactly on Valentine's day and the day after I had transit Mars in Virgo in the seventh house, square Midheaven (first) and Sun. It turned out to be a border conflict with the neighbors who planned their fence in our front yard. They did it in the back yard last summer, and we didn't ask them to remove it because it was only 10 meter long and 4 inch wide (1 m2 in total, still a few hundred euros here, though), but we should have, because they did it again. This time we were in time. They had just begun to construct it and said they didn't see why it was a problem for us. Now, thanks to transit Mars, we stood up for our rights. Thanks, Mars! It is a pity, though, that the fence has become the vivid picture of the wall between us now. And it was such a nice and peaceful and lovely Valentine's we had to be assertive, yak!

More about neighbors erecting fences on your land (so many:) and what to do next:

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barb said...

I know, its not fun to be forced to push back and set boundaries. Your Pisces rising does not like conflict, I'm sure. However, in the long run, they will definitely respect you more, and something positive has to come from that. Like the saying goes, if you do what's right for you, you're doing what's right for everyone involved.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks Barb! I needed that:)!