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The affairs in the chart of John F. Kennedy

This week Mimi Alford published a book ('Once upon a secret') about her affair with President John F. Kennedy. What in his chart tells us that it would be hard to keep his marriage promises? There are (at least) four reasons:

1. His chart has more than 2 indications for divorce and it was his first marriage.

John F. Kennedy’s Moon is square Venus and both are semi square Neptune. That means (see chart) that Neptune is in the middle of Moon and Venus. Neptune with Moon or Venus is one of the indications in a male’s chart for divorce (the third indication is Mars afflicting Uranus; also watch the afflicted Venus in Gemini for flirtations). Moon with Venus and Neptune is a great combination for an artist, a painter for example. There are many examples on Art&Astrology. The other side of this combination might be a need to have affairs, a desire for romancing and dreams about ideal women. Men with Moon in conflict with Venus could have difficulties to see there wife as beautiful or as a lover once that they have children together. Venus in Gemini and Moon in Virgo (!) also has a preference for what is young. Mrs. Alford was a virgin until she met JFK. She was an intern in the White House and had an affair with John F. Kennedy sr. for months. They even used the bed of Jacqueline.

2. The number of positions in the 8th house
When you are a president, women seem to queue up for you. And, as a president (of a nation or a factory) you seem to have plenty of time available to handle the queue! Maybe I am na├»ve (sure I am!) but I always wonder where the leaders of nations find the time to have sex with so many girls as in the meantime there is almost a was going on. However, looking at this chart, it is obvious that sexual activity would be part of the deal, no matter if he would be the nation’s number one. You just can’t overlook the 8th house with the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, with the Sun and with Jupiter. The 8th house is the house of life and death and of sexuality. And there is more, like the mentioned Moon-Venus-Neptune combination. And Venus/Mars = Neptune, adding secrets, fantasy and illusions to passions. It looks like the chart of a person who is almost addicted to having sexual affairs.

3. Cheating, not divorcing: prominence of Saturn and fixed signs

Funny that Mrs. Alford mentions that JFK and she kept a certain distance and never kissed. The elevated Saturn on Sun/Moon and conjunct Midheaven tells us that he was above all someone who wanted to be in control, in charge and managing. He was motivated to be respected, to have responsibility and to do his duty. Above all conservative and decent though first of all open, positive and ‘international’ he also managed to keep his affairs from the media, unlike for example Bill Clinton. The difference is time. He wouldn’t have gotten ‘away’ with it in our days. Time, btw, is also mirrored by Saturn.

Fixed signs tend to hold on to what they got or want. People with fixed signs won’t easily give it up, even it is not an ideal marriage.

4. Venus novile Saturn or…
It is a pleasure to have some stability (like a partner).

Here is the chart of JFK with progressions and transits for today. In the sixties, many women all over the world idolized him. They wore a penny with his picture on their chest. They fancied him. He knew how to present himself. On the outside you see a positive open person (Jupiter rising before the Sun), well mannered (Libra Ascendant) and charming (Venus trine Ascendant). Saturn and Moon in Virgo also gave him that cool impression that he shares with 'wanted' men:) like Brad Pitt (see:

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