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Another lucky winner's chart

Like a lot of people I’m interested in lottery winners and their charts. Not just to see if I make a chance, but also to see what their charts have in common. I have already studied a few of these charts (see Astromarkt: and I noticed that there are a number of similarities in the natal charts of lottery winners. The most important was that they all have midpoint - or aspect combinations of Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.As Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the sudden windfall, this must be the key aspect. Jupiter-Neptune is the combination of speculations. And that is not all. A lucky fixed star and a lot of trines complete the picture.

This new lucky lottery winner’s chart was provided by and has an A-rating. We see the same kind of combinations in the natal chart as in the charts of the earlier study. Have a look:

1. Just like the other winners he has a Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune combination (Sun square Jupiter and square Uranus and biquintile Neptune). This is a combination for those with hope, believing in sudden change. Probably that is what it takes to buy a ticket!

2. There is more. He has a prominent Mars in Sagittarius (opposition Midheaven), mirroring the Mars-Jupiter aspects of the other lucky winners (a positive attitude?).

3. Also, ruler 5 (Saturn) is in the 9th house. The combination of the houses 5 and 9 are just as lucky as the combination of Sun and Jupiter. This relationship between 5 and 9 is important. On the day of the lottery transit Jupiter on the 5-9 Saturn resonated the natal lucky position.

And I like to add that the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is square the midpoint Quaoar/Pholus. This happens to all persons born in the same week and can’t be more than an addition. More individual: Venus/Jupiter midpoint on Midheaven promises social advancement.

On the lucky day we see more than just one lucky aspect! Here they are:

1. A 5-9 houses combination
Transit Jupiter was conjunct ruler 5, Saturn. Remember that the 9th and 5th houses are the lucky houses? The fifth house is the house of games! This is the transit that resonated the natal 5-9 relationship.

2. A Uranus influence for surprising change
2 a Transit Uranus opposition the progressed AC/MC: surprise, excitement!

2.b Progressed AC/MC = natal Sun/Moon to indicate an important development regarding motivation and life style.

2.c Transit Uranus is also opposition Sun/Moon (an indication of sudden change).

3. Joy!
Transit Venus and transit Jupiter were inconjunct Moon to indicate an extreme joy. Transit Neptune trine Moon makes it a fairy tale lucky moment.

4. More change…
Transit Pholus inconjunct MC and semi sextile Moon: a joyful turning point that completely alters the position.

5. More fortune and joy…
5.a Progressed Jupiter square the Sun (on his way): fortune ahead…

5.b Progressed Sun 75 degrees from Venus is a minor aspect that tells us about a wish coming true.

6. He won on a day with transit Sun opposition his Jupiter (oh happy dayJ.

There are even more aspects, but it seems enough to mention the above.

So, you have to have a lucky natal chart AND lucky transits/progressions. And that's not all. In order to win millions you need to buy a ticket at the right moment. This lucky winner did that. That makes him what he is: a lucky winner. 

PS Now I wonder about partners winning a lottery. Does it take two lucky winners’ charts and two very fortunate progressed charts and transits if you are married? Because if one chart is up and the other one is down (read that post...) how can they both be lucky winners...


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