Wednesday, September 24, 2008

with transit Mars oppositon Sun

Dogs are like family. When a dog has to go to hospital, the family is worried. Chelsea is my son’s dog, but I consider her my 'grandchild':) She is energetic, all Aries (Sun and probably also her Moon), and looks amazingly young (her Venus in Gemini?). And she loves to travel (Jupiter oriental). Lately, in Switzerland, you could watch her smile. She does not like other dogs, except for male hush puppies with deep dark voices. But she just loves children, as all Dogues de Bordeaux do.

And now she is in hospital. Tuesday, early in the morning, my son noticed that Chelsea was unable to move her legs. She was shaking all over. It seems to be polyartritis. This all happens to her with transit Mars opposition natal Sun, so it seems the doctors in the veterinarian hospital are right and there is some infection. The doctor said that Chelsea is in an amazing condition for her age (9, 5 and the average age of a Dogue de Bordeaux is 8, 5), has a strong heart, a good skeleton and bright eyes. She only has that silly arthritis. A quick glance on the Internet tells me that arthritis is usually linked to Gemini. Hmm...Maybe it is her Ascendant, because she is rather intelligent and communicative. Chelsea can communicate by telephone, knows who she is talking to (really!) and expresses joy, sympathy, or irritation. She uses me as an intermediary when her boss does not want to do as she wishes soon enough. I guess we communicate that well because her Mercury is square my Venus.

Wonder why my son wanted her? Her Venus is trine Neptune and both are related to his (and my:) Moon! Moon, that is were her home is. We hope she will be back soon. In the meantime: read all about the signs and your dog on my site Astromarkt:)

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