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Democrats or Republicans?

Months ago, when John McCain was supposed to be born at 9:00 a.m. and when we did not know the HOB of Obama, in the time that the candidate VP's were unknown even...; I had the idea that McCain could be the winner of the USA Elections 2008. His positive solar return (Jupiter on MC) and the present polls could contribute to that idea again, right now. Why have I changed my mind? Was I influenced by the Obama-hype or was it astrology that made me think? And... why would I tell you about it?
The wrong speculations about Kerry/Bush and the laughter of the skeptics in mind (astrology as a source of pleasure:), I won't risk to name the winner. I simply show my observations and I will ask you if you see what I see. I don't have the pretensions to KNOW the results of the elections. I am showing the methods that can be used to predict the results and how to interpret them. I will mention what is difficult about it, too. May my considerations be of use to those who want to learn from it, even if or because I am wrong. Follow me on the way to find the moment of truth - (s)election day - and the observations for that moment.

Predicting the winner in the USA Elections is not easy. First of all not, because we don't know when the results of the elections will be available. Didn't it last weeks in 2000 and how long did it take until Al Gore knew that he wouldn't be the president? (I cannot find any data on the internet, but I am sure they did not know the results on Election Day and if 'we' knew, when did they hear it?)
So how can a candidate be happy or not on November 4?

Maybe that is why a lot of astrologers prefer to look at the chart of inauguration day to see the transits. But although that can be a day of celebrations, they already KNOW that they made it, weeks before. So I have taken a look at the progressed charts and the transits for November - January. P=Progressed N=natal and I use only tight aspects. Most of these aspects stand or fall with an HOB, exception the italic ones. And then what do we see?

On Election Day (when there are only exit polls) the only sure aspects are the transits of Saturn and Neptune on Sun and Mars of Palin with the sextile of Jupiter on the Progressed Sun of McCain. McCain has Venus trine progressed Sun on Inauguration Day and Palin has Mercury-Mercury.
None of the Democrats have reliable transits or progression that count even if their HOB is wrong. Only when the HOB's are correct, there is an advantage for the Democrats.

On Inauguration Day Obama has T Jupiter trine N Moon and Biden has Jupiter and Uranus in smooth aspects with the corner stones of his chart, MC and ASC.
All McCain's chart offers is T Venus trine Progressed Sun, but that is a good transit, too, and valid even without HOB.

THE FINAL MOMENT OF THE MATCH ON ELECTION DAY the final moment of the Elections is 20 hours in Washington. I used the final moments of football matches to see how the match with the trainer of the team was in order to predict the winner or loser. It proofed to be a good method (see labels sports). And I decided to use the same method for the elections, even though there is a great difference: they can only rely on exit polls at that moment! I still like to give this method a try, because we may not be certain about the HOB's of the candidates, but we KNOW the moment that the votes can be counted.

The interaction with the various charts is this - orb less than 1 degree:

P Jupiter of Biden trine Midheaven of Elections
Jupiter of Obama conjunct Moon of Elections
P MC of Palin square MC of Elections
Saturn of McCain conjunct MC of Elections
Progressed Neptune of McCain opposition MC of Elections


P Venus square N Sun and PMC sextile N ASC (Election Day)
T Venus trine Ascendant (Election Day)

T Mercury conjunct N Mercury (InDay)
BTW Saturn inconjunct Sun and Neptune conjunct Sun and Mars within 1 d of orb on Inauguration Day

T Jupiter sextile ASC (EleDay)
T Jupiter sextile Progressed Sun (EleDay)

T Saturn opposition Saturn on November 19
P Sun conjunct ASC in December (...on the 7th of Desc)

P Moon conjunct Mercury (InDAy)
T Venus trine Progressed Sun (Inauguration Day)

Together (composite) T Jupiter trine ASC on Inauguration day

T Jupiter square Progressed ASC on ElectionDay

T Jupiter exactly trine N Moon on January 20 on a Sun conjunct Jupiter day
T Neptune trine Progressed Mars on January 20

T Venus square MC on Election Day
T Saturn on his MC on Election Day

P ASC opposition P Pluto on Inauguration Day
P Moon conjunct MC on Inauguration Day
T Jupiter exactly sextile ASC on Inauguration Day
T Uranus exactly opposition MC on Inauguration Day
T Uranus opposition P Moon on Inauguration Day

Together (composite) T Jupiter trine Moon on Election Day

At this point of my story I am certain that all the skeptics have fallen asleep (you too?) So I am about to reveal my findings. Do you agree that we see a little more luck in the charts of the Democrats?

The Democrats have the most pleasant aspects in the period that matters most (when observing of the effect of the elections is concerned, I mean). That is the period between Election Day and Inauguration Day. McCain has Saturn opposition Saturn in that period.
If McCain wins (why not?) I will have a hard time studying why. Isn't Jupiter the symbol of success, even in politics, I would ask myself? Jupiter is aspecting the charts of the Democrats more frequently. So it seems obvious that they will win. They may not know the results on Election Day (only exit polls) but the Democrats might FEEL being a winner. Astrology is a language with few words that can be attributed to a lot of meanings. Still Saturn in a game, a match or a political sruggle is supposed to be less fortunate than Jupiter is. But please, see the disclaimer...

Disclaimer: Saturn might just point at physical problems (being tired...) and Jupiter might be pointing at the start of a well deserved vacation!

0) One might wonder why practically no one was able to predict the second term of George W. Bush, so take this with a lot of salt (as we say over here:) I can’t add enough disclaimers! As I said, anything might happen and they are all good candidates, able to be a winner!

PS If anyone has the moment and the day of the final results of the former elections, I would be pleased. The transits of those days could be applied to the charts of the winners/losers to see if THOSE days gave a clear picture.

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I will be back on this topic later!

PS dated September 11, 2008:
On Planetlines I found an interesting study about transits with the Sun and winning or losing elections! Ken Irving found that to become a president a candidate needs a Ptolemaic aspect of Saturn with the Sun.... The only problem is, that neither Obama nor McCain will have a transit or progression of Saturn with the natal Sun:( any more. I guess that promisses exceptional elections...However, McCain HAD that transit.
Sarah Palin has transit Saturn inconjunct Sun in that period and that is a minor aspect.

And BTW, following the rules of Irving, it is a good thing that Hillary Clinton did not become a VP, since she will have transit Jupiter square Sun just before Inauguration Day...Jupiter does not seem to be of help to be succesful at all (so Nobama) and Neptune should mean scandall and not winning (Sarah Palin...), while Saturn at the beginning of the election period (even a conjunction or square) will mean that this person is gonna win (and McCain had that!).

Very interesting stuff, mind provoking, highly recommended!

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