Monday, September 8, 2008

A winning solar return?

Exciting polls in the USA! Now McCain seems to be winning. His birthday was August 29. The solar return chart for 2008/2009 has (with the now known hour of birth of 11:00 hours) Jupiter - planet of success - on the Midheaven. And Transit Saturn is slowly moving out of the 10th house (into the White?:)

Meanwhile Obama has today (exactly! transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun. The quincunx (inconjunct) symbolizes 'having to let go' and Jupiter is the symbol of the advantage. This is not the end yet, for Obama, it is a poll...

Please note that a certificate of John McCain's birth has been found. He was born in Colon, 18:25 hours. See the latest news, click HOME on the left or ELECTIONS (labels).

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