Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And about his Saturn square MC
(just like George W. Bush)

The position of Gordon Brown has not been easy from the start and is even uneasier today. His natal Saturn, ruler MC, square MC seems to have the same effect on him and his nation as Saturn square MC has in the chart of George W. Bush. Like GWB he manages to remain in function. And like George W. Bush he managed to be in charge of a nation. How did he manage? And will he step back? If he does, he will do so in good conditions. A vital change might save his position, but: there are always ‘but’s’ and ‘however’s’ in the chart and life of Gordon Brown.

On the 17th May 2007 , when he became a prime Miniser, I wrote about Gordon Brown:

"His Sun is inconjunct Saturn in his chart and I wonder if that is a good position for a man in charge. His ambitions might not catch up with his health or he cannot combine leadership with administrations and control. He is first of all a man with ideals (Neptune is oriental) and his calling Jupiter will make him want to travel, publish and 'be international'. Mars is now opposition Saturn and at the same time semi sextile the Sun in his chart and sesquisquare Pluto soon. It seems there is a hard struggle going on or a lot of work to do. At the same time Jupiter is making a trine with Progressed Pluto and square to Progressed Nodes. Pluto on the other hand is square his Progressed Jupiter. It is easy to see the successful combination of Jupiter, Pluto and Nodes (the party). Gordon Brown was born in Edinburgh on 20th February 1951".

On May 2, 2008 I continued:

Now I know that he was born at 8:40 a.m. in Giffnock.
And now there are serious doubts about his abilities and transit Saturn is opposition the natal Sun (activating the Inconjunction of Sun and Saturn in his birth chart). Also the progressed Midheaven (changed sign seven months ago) is about to make contact with the Sun inconjunct Saturn (end of August till in October).
His progressed Sun sign will change in about two years time and again there will be (progressed) Sun inconjunct Saturn a year later.

Today, Gordon Brown seems to be in even more serious political trouble and he lacks support. His natal, progressed and transits at fist sight seem to be contradicting the reports in the papers. We see Progressed MC conjunct Sun. Transit Jupiter and transit Pluto are on either side of the natal Midheaven (Transit Jupiter/Pluto = MC).

Progressed MC conjunct Sun however is, due to the natal Inconjunction of Sun and Saturn, also a progressed MC inconjunct Saturn! I guess that there must have been and still are ‘but’s ‘and ‘however’s’ in the life of Brown, always. Yet, he became a prime Minster. Let us keep that in mind. Saturn is the dispositor of his Midheaven and square Midheaven. Saturn is opposition Aries Point. Brown is very ambitious…His Jupiter is calling (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and Neptune is oriental. The angular Uranus is crucial. We see 4 very important planets in his natal chart: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Transit Jupiter is now inconjunct natal Moon, so that he will experience support, eh…but…not without however’s and but’s.

It is funny that just like in May 2007 he is helped by Jupiter and Pluto, now. Today, those two planets are in opposition with Uranus on the IC. In other words: Uranus = MC = transit Jupiter/Pluto. That is a combination for successful changes of the status quo. And maybe a complete transformation is what he needs to save his position. Another possibility is that he manages to step back under very fortunate conditions.

Gordon Brown seems to know how to survive crisis with the help of supporters in the party. But with Saturn square Midheaven in his natal chart he has the same difficulty as George W. Bush has in his chart and the disadvantages of the top position are clear for both. And that makes his period in government a difficult one, not only for himself, but also for the people. The chart of a leader, of the man in charge, is important for the situation of the people who depend on his successes. In modern times less than in the middle ages, but still...

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PS October 4: Gordon Brown rearranged his team...See under 'Jupiter and Pluto'... he did it again!


Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis. Similar conclusions to one at

Astromarkt said...

Well, not completely similar, I'd say. The similarity is that we point at difficulties, possibly leading to a step back. But the difference is the conclusion: that he has a lot of support in the party as well and that he seems to know how to survive crisis.

Marga Bervoets